Ponds Cleansing Milk Review


This review focuses on Ponds Cleansing Milk. We’ll discuss its ingredients, benefits, price, and suggested uses. This milk may be the perfect choice if you’re interested in a face wash for your everyday routine. It leaves your skin feeling clean but leaves an oily residue behind.


Ponds Cleansing Milk is a gentle facial cleanser with several benefits. For starters, it is effective for removing makeup and dirt. Its formula contains pearl nutrients and AHA to cleanse your skin deeply. It is also easy to rinse off with water, leaving your skin clean and soft.

Another benefit of this cleanser is that it is a great budget-friendly option. It costs just PKR250, making it ideal for people on a budget. The best part is that it’s very effective, especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. Cleansing milk also contains lactic acid, which helps reduce acne.


The pond is a brand you should check out if you’re looking for good cleansing milk. Their cleansing milk contains a blend of natural ingredients that help make your skin clean and fresh. However, it’s not your ordinary cleansing milk – it’s enriched with Vitamin B3, dimethicone, and pearl nutrients for a more youthful complexion.

The white beauty cleansing milk comes in a long plastic bottle with a flip-top pink cap. It’s white, has a thick consistency, and has a mild scent. This cleansing milk is an excellent choice for deep cleansing, but some consumers have found it challenging to remove eyeliners and mascara. You’ll need to use more products to remove eyeliners altogether.


The Ponds Cleansing Milk is a white beauty cleanser that removes makeup and dirt from your face. It contains pearl nutrients, vitamin B3, and alpha hydroxy acid to eliminate dirt, oils, and makeup without drying your skin. It leaves your face clean and bright and feels soft to the touch. The white color of the cleanser also gives your skin a pearl-like glow.

Suggested uses

The Ponds Cleansing Milk is an excellent face wash with a blend of ingredients that help make your skin look and feel fresh. Its white color, thick consistency, and mild scent make it ideal for deep cleansing. However, you may have trouble removing eyeliner and mascara with this product. You may need to apply more products to remove these stubborn products.

This cleansing milk is great for those with dry skin. It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin but not suitable for matte liquid lipsticks. It is best to apply an astringent or toner after cleansing.