Play Temple Run 2 Online


Temple Run 2 builds upon its incredible 170 million download success with enhanced graphics and an adrenaline-pumping escape game experience. Players swipe their screens to turn, jump over or slide under obstacles while collecting coins that can be upgraded later on in-app. bOften the Amazing fact about LOLBeans.

Unlockable characters such as Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, and Karma Lee each possess unique powers that can be activated during their run. Additionally, in-app purchases allow unlimited “continues,” thus altering leaderboard rankings.

How to play

Temple Run 2 has been downloaded over half a billion times since its debut. Offering similar gameplay as its predecessor but also featuring new obstacles, power-ups, and characters.

The game aims to remain on your path while collecting as many coins as possible. Various power-ups are available to boost your character’s performance and speed; you may also complete objectives to gain extra mileage rewards.

Playing Temple Run 2 online is simple and available for desktops and mobile devices. Gimori’s games don’t require installations or downloads – you can access them using any modern web browser.

Getting started

After just a few seconds of waiting, Temple Run 2 will reveal its Intro Page, and you can customize its menu or get playing right away!

Temple Run 2’s gameplay remains similar to its predecessor, using swipe controls to run, jump, turn, and slide across an endless landscape filled with deadly traps and powerful enemies. Furthermore, new paths, visual effects, and power-ups have been introduced while maintaining the same addictive action.

While you run, collect coins whenever possible, enhancing your power-ups and overall performance. Also, keep an eye out for green gems which allow you to continue after death – once you get used to running through temples, rivers, and mine cars, it should become second nature!


Players in this game collect coins scattered along a walkway. Each currency fills your ability meter, enabling you to activate one of several power-ups; for instance, your default boost increases speed and distance traveled, while other possibilities include magnets that draw coins towards you or shields that protect you from obstacles.

The second installment of this acclaimed running game series offers improved graphics, new path variations, and heart-pounding escape game action. The game requires more than sustained attention as it encourages players to set goals, such as unlocking characters or reaching higher scores; this encourages goal-directed persistence, which is vital for academic and career success and self-control development. Additionally, playing helps increase focus.


Temple Run series games feature an immersive gameplay experience where players must run from demonic monkeys, leaping over gaps in the terrain and sliding underneath trees while trying to escape them. Along the way, they may encounter helpful power-ups such as coin magnets or temporary invincibility boosts that help facilitate their escape.

Tilting your device will activate these power-ups, and many can be upgraded for greater effectiveness – for instance, increasing the duration or frequency of shield power-up or coin magnet appearance is possible.

Collecting coins is another effective way of improving both power-ups and overall performance. These coins can be used to unlock new characters and upgrade existing ones.

Collecting coins

Players earn coins as they run, which they can use to unlock additional characters or upgrade power-ups and performance. Cash can also be collected as rewards during an outrun and used as currency in their shop.

Temple Run 2 boasts enhanced visual excitement with more dynamic gameplay, featuring dips and rises on its path that adds a dynamism that matches its visual aesthetics. In addition, zip lines, mine carts, and new terrains require the player to tilt left or right during play – plus zip lines!

Coin Values in the game can be upgraded to Level 3, increasing their value and adding two coins upon collecting red ones. Head Start can also help propel players ahead for 1,000 meters – this ability may cost money but is highly recommended!

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