Percival Menswear Review


London-based label GQ Clothing has become a favorite among fashionable people all around the globe, most recently outfitting England manager Gareth Southgate during their stunning Euro 2020 run.

With its popper front and tailored fit, this shirt from Cotton Made USA is ideal for summer weddings, rooftop cocktails, or simply adding sophistication to your everyday wardrobe. Pair it with lightweight shirts and tailored trousers to complete the look!

The label’s signature knit polo

Percival may not be a household name, but their London-based brand’s ability to subtly alter wardrobe essentials has earned it a strong following. Take their knit polo, for instance. Channeling retro football style onto terraces and beyond! Percival has also reimagined Jersey with their playful campaign featuring Hugo Chegwin and Jermain Jeans donning some of the label’s latest designs!

From casual hoodies to the revived Champion collection, this selection offers everything you need to create a smart-casual wardrobe. Cotton fleece Crouching Tiger Sweatshirts feature their iconic tiger motif embroidered on them; buy two and receive a 20% discount, and three will earn 30%!

Linen is an ideal summer fabric with its breathable and lightweight qualities. This linen blazer from the label was expertly hand-crafted using its signature techniques; but with an unstructured fit for an informal appearance. Pair this ensemble with tailored trousers and penny loafers for the perfect summer look!

The brand’s relaxed approach to tailoring

Percival brand’s casual approach to tailoring makes for an excellent foundation of modern smart simple fashion in warmer months; mainly, it’s linen suit trousers that pair beautifully with lightweight shirts and unstructured blazers – an ideal combination for attending simple summer weddings and first dates.

The brand has long enjoyed an association with football, dressing England manager Gareth Southgate during their thrilling Euro 2020 run. Their striped knitted polos and tailored trousers also provide ideal terrace wear.

The brand’s AW14 collection takes an adult approach to tailoring. Shirts feature more giant silhouettes and intricate details like bees and plants embroidered. At the same time, its signature oversized pointed collar adds personality without looking cartoonish – pair it with a Cuban collared shirt or tee for maximum impact and add casual chukka boots or suede sneakers for a complete look. Or go lighter with its Percival x Champion sweatshirt made of cotton fleece featuring its iconic tiger motif!

The label’s linen blazer

Linen is one of those wardrobe essentials that is sure to make a fashion statement, creating a classic yet modern account in any season. Perfect for hot days in summer and any event. Percival’s take on the linen blazer makes for bright casual dressing with its timeless elegance yet relaxed fit – ideal for bright, simple sauce!

This season, Percival has unveiled stripes in various hues. There are tonal options featuring shades of browns and off-whites; bolder stripes include shades of blue, orange, and black; these can all be combined for an eye-catching ensemble! These trendy accessories can be combined with Percival’s shirts or knit polos to complete an ensemble that exudes style.

London-based Percival is reinventing classic menswear classics with each garment they create, from embroidered tees to weatherproof jackets. SPY recommends consulting the brand’s sizing guide before shopping so your new pieces from Percival fit perfectly for you.

The label’s overcoat

This navy overcoat from London-based label Percival stands out as an essential in any wardrobe. A creative interpretation of classic workwear, it features heavyweight cavalry twill and laser-cut horn buttons with corduroy trims for patch pockets and collars – elevating this chore jacket into an essential spring coat.

Color is a central motif in Percival’s new collection. You’ll find tonal stripes of forest green, brick orange, cream, and sunshine yellow woven throughout to bring Italian elegance into your smart-casual wardrobe – ideal for an office day or an evening drinks event!