Outdoor Research Apollo Jacket Review


The Outdoor Research Apollo Jacket is a rain jacket designed to withstand flash storms, downpours, and wind. While this jacket is unavailable, you can purchase a similar item at a discounted price. Check the price, as some items may have intermediate markdowns.

Helium II lacks Diamond Fuse technology.

The updated version of Outdoor Research’s iconic Helium rain jacket has improved its durability without adding any extra weight. Made with Pertex Diamond Fuse fabric; the jacket is 5x more durable than the previous version while remaining lightweight and breathable. But it’s not without its shortcomings.

While the prior-generation Helium II lacks Diamond Fuse technology, the bare-bones jacket version is widely available. It features the same diamond-fuse material but is thinner and weighs just 5.6 ounces less than the new version. It also comes in different colorways and fits. The Helium jacket is also available in a women’s version. The only difference is that the women’s version lacks Diamond Fuse technology. The prior-generation Helium II features standard Pertex Shield technology.

The Pertex Diamond Fuse fabric is a new, more robust version of the company’s Diamond Fuse technology. This material uses shaped filaments that lock together to form a weave, making it incredibly durable without the added weight associated with a higher-denier material.

Lacks a chin and face liner

The Outdoor Research Apollo Jacket is a light rain jacket with many technical features. Its 2.5-layer Ventia(tm) construction keeps the weather out while offering breathability. It also has a fully adjustable hood and pit zips and is versatile. With its thin weight, you can layer it underneath other outerwear. In addition, the waterproof design makes it easy to layer under a winter coat. If you are on a budget, consider purchasing a jacket in a discontinued style that is still available.

The Apollo Jacket is an excellent value for the price. It provides top-notch protection for rainy days and is perfect for biking during heavy showers. It also has pit zips for keeping the air inside your body dry and your temperature under control. A pocket inside the jacket also doubles as a stuff sack, which is convenient for packing away.

Lacks a clip-in loop

The Outdoor Research Apollo Jacket is an affordable waterproof/breathable rain jacket with a great feature set. Its technical shell is comparable to more expensive jackets and boasts features like a clip-in hood and ten-inch pit zips. It also has two side pockets and velcro wrist cuffs. However, its most significant shortcoming is the lack of a clip-in loop.

The Apollo Jacket is made of a proprietary waterproof/breathable laminate called Venetia. While most Gore-tex knock-offs have a low breathability rating, the Apollo does not disappoint. The membrane of the Apollo is 70-denier and 12 oz, so it is waterproof, yet it also breathes well. Its pit zips are easy to reach while wearing the jacket, and they dump the excess heat from your body. The hood also lacks a wire brim, which will keep rain from getting into your eyes and glasses.

Lacks a wire brim

The Apollo Jacket is one of the best hiking rain jackets on the market. This waterproof jacket is constructed of waterproof and breathable Ventia laminate. Most knockoffs use inferior breathable layers. Breathability is often considered a checkbox feature by consumers.

While it does not have a wire brim, the Apollo Jacket has other features to make it a great rain jacket. Unlike many other low-cost rain jackets, it offers a fully adjustable hood. It has 10” pit zips, velcro wrist cuffs, and two side pockets. The only negative is that the hood lacks a wire brim, which can impede your vision.