Onslow County School Calendar


Onslow County School Calendar includes holidays and breaks throughout the year to allow students to relax, spend time with family, and pursue personal interests outside the classroom. They also help teachers maintain work/life balance.

This page presents major holiday dates from 2023-2024 as well as start and end dates for academic sessions.


The Onslow County School Calendar is an all-inclusive guide that details all major holidays and breaks observed by the district, teacher workdays, and other significant events. It serves as a valuable resource for students, parents, teachers, and administrators – and can be found online in multiple formats. In addition to holidays and breaks observed, this calendar also includes state and national observances which play a vital part in providing a well-rounded learning experience for children in Onslow County.

These carefully planned holidays provide school communities with an opportunity to commemorate vital cultural and historical milestones, commemorate significant dates in national and global history, promote academic rigor while at the same time supporting personal growth, engage students in extracurricular activities that help refresh them for new challenges upon return and provide them with time off school to explore passions more fully – helping ensure students return rejuvenated ready to tackle them all head on!

At its core, this school district prioritizes both academic rigor and mental and physical wellness for staff and students. Therefore, they offer various support services to help students excel in their studies while teachers also benefit from resources to create better classroom environments and ongoing professional development opportunities to spur growth and innovation within education.

Onslow County Schools are an innovative educational institution located in North Carolina that provides their students with a holistic learning environment. Their devoted educators and modern facilities ensure students receive top-tier instruction. Furthermore, the district places great emphasis on social-emotional learning by equipping its students to become responsible members of their community.

The calendar for our school district is carefully constructed to allow for student and faculty breaks throughout the year, while still optimizing instructional time. It takes into account state and national holidays as well as teacher workdays – enabling teachers to focus on their craft while staying abreast of recent educational trends; additionally, it serves as an effective planning tool for parents and students when planning events or trips.

The Onslow County School calendar 2023-2024 lists all major holidays and break dates that students should keep an eye on to plan their studies accordingly. Students can obtain a comprehensive school calendar preview for the year 2023-2024 from their official school website.

Extracurricular Activities

Onslow County School District in North Carolina is a highly esteemed educational institution serving children aged 6-8. This district provides various academic programs tailored to meet all students’ academic and personal development needs, with its curriculum focused on student achievement and personal growth. Furthermore, Onslow County School District places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities to enrich their learning experience, including clubs, sports teams, fine arts programs, community service initiatives as well as partnerships among educators, parents, and the community that fosters open dialogue for student success.


Attendance is an integral component of student learning experiences, and Onslow County School District strives to ensure all its students attend classes regularly. To achieve this goal, various measures are used such as creating an inclusive environment that values the contributions from all backgrounds. In addition, Onslow offers various extracurricular activities to promote academic excellence as well as social growth – these include community service initiatives, sports teams, and fine arts programs.

To promote student attendance, the district requires written excuses signed by both parents or legal guardians for every absence. Students missing more than 10 classes within any semester may not receive course credit until it has been determined that their absences were lawful by an administrative body. School trips and events also require advance notice five days in advance and the release of children to non-parental adults may only occur with written approval from the principal.