OEX Waterproof Jacket


The OEX Waterproof Jacket is a fully waterproof and breathable jacket with two layers of the stretch shell fabric. It is also windproof and has a hydrostatic head of 5,000 mm, making it as waterproof as a family tent. This jacket has various features that will make it an essential addition to outdoor gear.

2.5-layer membrane

Oex Waterproof Jacket 2.5-layer membrane is a highly breathable and lightweight rain jacket. It features a thin DWR-coated face fabric and a waterproof second layer, usually made of polyurethane. It also has an inner lining, which is a high-performance material. This layer is printed on the inside of the jacket and offers added durability and sweat resistance.

A 2.5-layer membrane jacket is significantly cheaper than a three-layer jacket. They often cost less than $200. A few coats can cost as low as $100. But the downside is that these waterproof jackets are much less effective than their higher-end counterparts. Coatings also have lower air permeability and rain protection. Meanwhile, the highest-quality 3-layer jackets can cost over $500.

Premium zipper technology

The Oex waterproof jacket has premium zipper technology, which provides a tighter seal between the jacket’s outside and inside. This technology also enhances the jacket’s breathability, reducing the overall weight. The jacket is made of a 2.5-layer H2No Performance Standard shell, which combines waterproofing, breathability, and comfort. It is also relatively lightweight, with a pocket for storage. It feels pleasant to the touch and offers generous stretch.

The Oex waterproof jacket’s fabric is an excellent choice for hikers. The fabric feels soft and tactile, and the zips are quiet and secure. This is a huge plus compared to traditional hardshell fabrics, which can be stiff and noisy. It also features two hand-warmer pockets and an internal zippered pocket.


The OEX Waterproof Jacket is an exclusive brand from Go Outdoors that combines waterproof protection with a breathable lining. It is made of a durable two-layer stretch shell fabric and has fully taped seams. It has a hydrostatic head of 5,000 mm, making it as waterproof as most family tents. It is also windproof.

A few of the waterproof OEX products include the Strata Softshell Trouser (Regular length) and the Cullin Waterproof Jacket. Another great option is the Men’s Idris Insulated Jacket. Breathability is crucial for active individuals in and out of the elements for a long time.

The MVTR of a waterproof jacket depends on how fast air can pass through the fabric. If it’s too slow, it will be uncomfortable to wear. It’s essential to check the air permeability rating of a waterproof jacket before buying it.


The OEX Waterproof Jacket is a popular option for hiking enthusiasts. The lightweight, windproof jacket is available only at Go Outdoors and has an RRP of PS170. Members of Go Outdoors will get a discount on this jacket. In addition to the OEX Waterproof Jacket, OEX also offers a wide range of hoodies.

Level of protection

The Oex Waterproof Jacket is a lightweight, fully waterproof jacket that is also breathable. It is made of two-layer stretch shell fabric with fully taped seams. It is rated as 5,000mm water resistant. It is also windproof. Its level of protection is as good as most family tents.

Membrane jackets are more expensive than coated ones, but they last a lot longer. Membranes come in different materials, including GORE-TEX, eVent, and Polartec. GORE-TEX is the most widely recognized membrane material. Another type of membrane is eVent, which is made of a rubber-like coating painted onto fabric. Coated jackets are generally the least expensive and best suited to lower activity levels.

Waterproofness is measured in a water column test, which involves applying water to the fabric at an inch diameter. The higher the column, the more excellent the water resistance. In addition, a jacket can display a moisture-vapor-transfer figure, usually 12,000gr/m2/day.