Nicola Delic Review


Nicola Delic is a Forex trading guru who has worked in the financial market for over six years. He is a trader, software developer, and Forex tutor who developed a popular trading system called the forex master levels. He is well known and has appeared on many TV shows, interviews, and websites worldwide.

How did Nicola Delic get started in Forex trading?

Nicola Delic did not start out seeking to become a Forex trading guru. He got his first taste of the foreign exchange market purely by accident. He was watching a Wall Street Warriors video on penny stocks and was impressed by the success that Timothy Sykes was having with them.

Eventually, he became obsessed with trading. He began learning about technical analysis and began mastering Elliott Wave theory.

Then he started working for a financial firm. Eventually, he started his own business.

Over the years, he has become a respected Forex and finance expert. He is currently the chief executive officer of Singapore Grand Capital fund and an Elliott Wave Forex Signal analyst.

In addition, he has also created a Forex training course called Trade Juice. This is a great course that will show you how to trade Forex and make more money than you ever thought possible.

What is Nicola Delic’s trading style?

Nicola Delic claims to be an expert in Elliott Wave Theory and uses it as his primary trading strategy. He says that it helps him to understand how much currency pairs are likely to move up or down.

He also explains how it can help him to place his stop-loss orders at the right time. This is an essential principle for traders because they can reduce their losses and improve their winning percentages.

As a result, Nicola can often make profits on his trades. However, he does admit that there have been times when he has lost money.

He does not blame these losses on bad luck and suggests that it is best to always check everything before making a trade. This will prevent you from committing significant errors, which can cost you a lot of money in the long run.

How does Nicola Delic’s trading system work?

Nicola Delic is a Forex trader who has achieved tremendous success in the market. He has built a Forex hedge fund that uses Elliott Wave theory to predict the future direction of the currency markets. He has also developed indicators and prediction models based on this theory.

Despite his success in the market, he has suffered losses. However, he has never given up and always tries to find ways to overcome these challenges.

His trading system is called FX Power Trades, designed to provide traders with alerts when it is time to make a trade. It analyzes the current market and suggests when it is a good time to invest in a particular currency pair.

This trading system can be quite helpful for both beginners and experienced traders who are looking to make more money in the Forex market. It can help traders avoid costly mistakes and boost their profits.

Is Nicola Delic’s trading system a scam?

Nicola Delic is a Forex trading guru who claims to have earned millions of dollars. He is the author of ND10X, a trading system that promises to allow traders to make 10 times their money in the Forex market.

ND10X is a brand-new system that combines high-speed trading with algorithms. It aims to help you trade more effectively and is designed to deliver well-timed trading signals.

The ND10X trading system is powered by two algorithm-driven indicators that enable you to trade multiple currency pairs. It also comes with a members’ forum and weekly live webinars.

It costs $499, which is quite a bit of money for a trading system. However, ND10X also includes many extras that make it worth the price.

Nicola Delic is known for his high-quality trading systems, which sell out quickly. He has released popular designs such as Scientific Trading Machine, Elliott Wave DNA, and Forex Master Levels.