Nice Places to Visit in Haora


The city of Howrah lies on the western bank of the Hooghly River and is world famous for its cultural heritage. Taking its name from the Bengali word Haor, the city is spread over 1500 square kilometres. The city has a rich culture and big things to offer its visitors. To experience this beautiful and heart-touching culture, you should visit Howrah.


If you are looking for some lovely places to visit in Haora, you can visit the Garchumuk Deer Park. This beautiful place is covered with thick sub-tropical forests and is home to many deer and other animals. A park is also an excellent place for bird-watching. It’s also near an irrigation canal, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Ganges River. This place is a great place to bring children and families.

If you’d like to explore the area’s natural beauty, you can also visit the riverbanks of Garchumuk. These are surrounded by lush green grass and large trees, which help to provide shade and pure oxygen. They are also great spots for picnics and fishing.

Garchumuk is a fantastic place to visit if you’re visiting West Bengal. It is about a 2.30 hour drive from the city of Kolkata. It is located at the confluence of the Hooghly and the Ganges rivers. It’s scenic with many picnic areas and is an ideal spot for a picnic. Visitors can also ride a ferry along the Hooghly River.

You can stay at a hotel in Garchumuk. Several tourist lodges are located there. The Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge, run by the West Bengal government, is the best option for accommodation. You can also enjoy a trip to the 58 Gates (barrage) and visit a deer park. After sunset, you can return to Gadiara and stay in a hotel.

Andul Rajbari

If you’re looking for lovely places to visit in Haora, you should check out the Andul Rajbari, a former palace in Haora, Kolkata. It’s a heritage site and now a museum. Its history is fascinating. It was built in 1790 by a local king and is now open to the public.

The heritage building of Andul Rajbari can be found on the left side of the road, near a pond and a crowded marketplace. The building is enormous but run-down. It is located near a bus stop. The museum is open daily for visitors.

Andul Rajbari has located 15 km from Howrah. The town developed as a significant trading centre due to its proximity to the Saraswati river and active connections with the British. It was also home to three prominent zamindar families, which gave it its name.

While visiting Andul Rajbari, be sure to visit the nearby Annapurna Temple. Its architecture has been influenced by Mughal architecture. The massive pillars of the Andul Rajbari are stunning. The pillars are constructed with lakeshore bricks, which are thin bricks made of burnt clay.

The Andul Rajbari is an imposing palace that belongs to the feudal land-owning lords of yore. It has over 100 rooms and is accessible by cycle rickshaw from Andul station. Despite its age and deterioration, the structure is a testament to the affluence of the past. Unfortunately, the place is haunted and needs to be restored.

Andul Mandir

The Andul Rajbari is a monument that dates back to 1834. It was founded by Raja Rajnarayan Raybahadur, a descendant of Ramlochan Roy, the dewan of Lord Clive and Warren Hastings. The temple was dedicated to the Goddess Durga. Lord Clive commissioned the building in 1770, and the Durga Puja began there in 1771. The temple’s immersion method was unique: the deity was immersed in the nearby Saraswati River by firing a cannon.

The Andul royal mansion has a lot to offer. It’s a classic example of Bengal architecture, complete with a magnificent palace and an impressive museum. The imposing structure can be reached in ten minutes via a cycle rickshaw from the train station. The interior of the Rajbari tells stories of affluence in the past but needs renovation and upkeep. The palace is also said to be haunted.

The Andul Rajbari, which once belonged to the Andul Royal family, is another excellent place to visit in Haora. It has two Shiva temples and is home to a cannon. Many people still come to offer prayers here and in Angel’s two Shiva temples. The massive, monumental architecture has evoked awe and imagination.

You can also visit Belur Math, another religious building in Haora. It features beautiful architecture and four tall towers. People of all religions can visit the temple. It was built in 1842 by Gholam Mohammed and can accommodate up to 1000 people. Its dome is 112 feet high, and its chants are filled with devotion.