Next in Fashion Cast – Gigi Hadid Returns For Season 2


Gigi Hadid returns for season two of the Netflix reality show and fashion design competition Next in Fashion, co-hosted by Tan France. Industry professionals act as guest judges during this series.

Amari Carter used clothing to define her alter ego; Bao Tranchi boasted celebrity clients, including Laverne Cox and 2 Chainz as clients; while transgender designer James Ford and Qaysean Williams (who suffers from Erb’s palsy) also competed.


Next In Fashion has returned with an all-star cast: Tan France from Queer Eye and model/com-fashion designer Alexa Chung (both former members of Queer Eye). There are also 18 designers featured who’s worked with big-name clients (Beyonce!). Additionally, some fantastic guest judges are on board too.

This season of the fashion design competition has seen 18 aspiring designers compete for a $250,000 cash prize and the chance to launch their collections with Net-A-Porter. Competition among them may be fierce, but their judges will offer them invaluable assistance on their path to victory.

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the guest judges this season, helping select the final two designers competing for the grand prize. Other judges include fashion veterans like the co-founders of swimwear brand Kingdom & State, fashion editor Mia Moretti, and New York Fashion Week reporter-turned-designer Amari Carter.

As well as guest judges, the show features other fashion experts to provide guidance and coaching to contestants as they navigate each challenge – including Elle magazine fashion director Joe Zee, Caroline Issa of CFDA Executive Offices, and Anna Wintour herself!

Judges of Next In Fashion must select a designer with the most significant potential to succeed in fashion, which can be arduous. Many factors must be considered when selecting – this includes contestants’ aesthetic and business plans and any challenges presented which require designers to think creatively outside their work area and come up with fresh concepts.

Some of the more captivating episodes of Next In Fashion have featured contestants showcasing their creative genius. In one such episode where judges must select an outstanding use of denim, Nigel presented a collection demonstrating various ways denim could be worn differently, which the judges found both original and innovative.

Nigel won Season 2 after impressing judges with his designs for celebrities such as Playboi Carti and A$AP Rocky, as well as being the founder of Manikin Label and fashion line “Manikin Plus,” dedicated to supporting disability rights through clothing for disabled men and women.


Fashion shows provide designers with an outlet to express their creativity through themes. These range from Met Gala-themed looks and eco-friendly concepts through cultural themes or period styles and promotional purposes for specific brands. Additionally, pieces can excite shows while giving audiences something fresh to consider.

Next in Fashion premiered on Netflix in 2020, with eighteen designers competing for its grand prize of $250,000. Hosts Gigi Hadid and Tan France (Queer Eye) returned as hosts, with twelve contestants joining this time.

From drag queens to army sergeants, this season’s cast offers an extensive array of experience. Additionally, their designers boast impressive backstories that give them unique insights into fashion industry practices. Working under tight deadlines with strict judges’ scrutiny creates an intense show experience that keeps audiences riveted until its dramatic conclusion.

As contestants create designs, celebrity judges such as Donatella Versace and Emma Chamberlain provide celebrity glamour. Additionally, episodes feature high-fashion runway shows. Netflix’s reality television lineup welcomes this refreshing series with neon aesthetic and nonstop hip-hop and pop music backing tracks, yet the design work remains inspiring and eye-opening.

In episode 6, designers tackled activewear. Some designs proved successful, while others fell flat; Daniel’s striped rowing outfit won over judges, while Angelo’s poor stitching and Carli’s lack of expertise led them to disqualification.

In Season 5, designers had to design clothing that represented them individually, from unique pieces with minimal budget constraints to stunning pieces with prominent personalities and colors bursting from every turn on the runway show. At an awards party held in Hollywood, winners were revealed and given cash prizes of $250,000 as well as hosting rights in 2023.

The contestants

This reality show spotlights 12 emerging fashion designers competing for a grand prize of $200,000. Pairs compete against each other and face challenges designed to stretch their aesthetic, with only one designer walking away with the title at the end. Host Tan France returns this season with supermodel Gigi Hadid who brings celebrity and fashion expertise as co-host.

“Hollywood Game Night” contestants represent a diverse group, from an army veteran and transgender model to Vietnamese refugees and self-described “one-handed sewing men.” While the show may follow an established formula, its contestants add authenticity and depth.

Next in Fashion is known for its neon aesthetic and nonstop hip-hop and pop tracks that sometimes feel too overwhelming. Yet, its contestants’ camaraderie shines through during paired challenges like one where Nigel Xavier taught Deontre Hancock about patchwork – both worked seamlessly together as they shared this knowledge, and their camaraderie was clear to see – making a refreshing change from some other reality competitions’ manufactured drama and backstabbing tactics.

Many designers participating are newcomers to reality competition shows, yet their talents and determination impressed the judges. London College of Fashion graduate Amari Carter’s designs pay homage to black women in her life while giving a voice through fashion.

Bao Tranchi of Los Angeles stands out as an outstanding designer with her bold and eclectic pieces that have gained celebrity fans such as J Lo, Nicki Minaj and Laverne Cox adorning them.

Lorena Saravia of Mexico City stands out with her critically-acclaimed and celebrity-followed line that has its boutique in Masaryk Avenue’s luxury shopping district. Notably, Charlie XCX and Harry Styles have worn her designs. Additionally, she teaches composition at Universidad de Diseno y Moda Felicidad Duce in Mexico City.


After its successful inaugural season, Next in Fashion returned to Netflix with an all-new cast of designers. Hosted by Gigi Hadid and Tan France (Queer Eye), 18 emerging fashion designers competed against each other, all working in pairs to complete each challenge designed to test creativity and skill.

Contestants were challenged with designing outfits to meet the challenges presented. Some episodes required them to work within a time limit, while in other episodes they had more freedom to create whatever they wished – all the while facing critics from judges and receiving feedback on their creations. Creative thinking was challenged throughout each challenge, with some unexpected twists!

Nigel Xavier emerged victorious from the season 2 finale. His denim-infused collection proved innovative and wearable – making an impression case that made him worthy of taking home first place. After taking home this honorable title, he plans on expanding his brand further while increasing his standing as a designer.

Additionally, he plans on creating an app to assist people in selecting their perfect pair of jeans and has already started work on it. Furthermore, he envisions opening his clothing store one day.

Bao Tranchi of Detroit took home second place. Her creative approach was both original and thoughtful, focusing on how fabric interacts with body. On her runway debut, she showcased both impressive craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Gigi Hadid’s participation on the show certainly elevated its profile. A fashion fan, she is known for being adept at competition shows like Ru Paul’s Drag Race and MasterChef and other reality series where she serves as a judge or contestant; moreover, she has made waves within modeling circles as a model herself.