Murthy Law Firm – A Firm That Prioritizes Humanism


Sheela Murthy has established an immigration law practice that puts humanism first. Sheela and her staff strive to give back to the community through her firm, the foundation, and voluntary initiatives.

Her firm employs 100 people between its main office in Owings Mills and satellite locations in Seattle and Chennai, India, yet it feels much smaller.


Sheela Murthy is an esteemed immigration attorney and author of “Being Sheela: The Life Journey of an Immigration Lawyer.” In addition, she serves as a community leader, philanthropist, businesswoman, public speaker, and entrepreneur as founder and CEO of Murthy Law Firm – which specializes in U.S. immigration law to help corporations access global talent and individuals pursue the American dream – as well as being active within several community organizations such as Maryland Chamber Foundation Board and TiE DC.

Comparably’s survey shows that employees at Murthy Law Firm are delighted with their job, particularly their coworkers and the pace of work at the company. Furthermore, they were confident with their overall compensation package, including salary, bonus, stock/equity awards, and benefits.

Employees at the firm feel very content in their current jobs and look forward to coming in every day. In particular, they appreciate their supervisors as influential leaders who provide good feedback; furthermore, they feel welcome at work due to a welcoming culture with managers that understand their concerns.

Murthy Law Firm provides its employees numerous benefits, such as competitive salaries and comprehensive health insurance coverage. Furthermore, flexible work hours and professional development opportunities are provided as a commitment to helping employees realize their goals while leading a balanced life.

The firm maintains offices in the United States, India, and Canada. Their attorneys and support staff specialize in all areas of immigration law. They are often sought out by businesses looking to hire foreign workers – from multinationals, start-ups, government agencies to start-ups. Furthermore, Sheela Murthy regularly visits India on behalf of her clients to meet nonimmigrant visa officials at consulates and provide guidance in preparing visa applications and collecting documents. She also assists clients in dealing with complex visa issues like refusals and extensions.


Murthy Law Firm provides its attorneys and staff access to cutting-edge technology through an internal network of multiprocessor servers with RAID disk sub-systems, multiprocessor servers, firewalls, advanced anti-virus software, and backup server systems for data security in a disaster. Furthermore, all workstations at the firm feature Microsoft operating systems for improved communication and productivity.

Sheela Murthy is a Harvard-educated immigration law practitioner specializing in US and overseas immigration matters. Her firm received five-star status from Martindale-Hubbell (the highest level of professional excellence). Additionally, Sheela lectures on complex legal issues at seminars and conferences published numerous articles, and regularly contributed to national media outlets. Furthermore, Sheela is a renowned philanthropist who actively supports numerous nonprofits, having established her foundation with Vasant Nayak as her husband.

Sheela Murthy has made it her mission to assist many clients in realizing their American dream and settling here in America. Her client list consists of professionals, executives, and families from around the globe – professionals such as executives from multinational firms and individuals seeking asylum worldwide. She strives to deliver superior results for her clients and is dedicated to providing quality service. Sheela firmly believes in spreading compassion while upholding that all can realize the American Dream.

Sheela graduated from Harvard Law School and established her law firm in 1994 after working at several large firms in New York and Baltimore before forming her practice in Baltimore County, Maryland. Now employing more than 50 lawyers, and is considered one of the premier immigration law firms nationwide.

Sheela’s commitment to her clients and enthusiasm for the American dream has propelled her success as an attorney and an entrepreneur. As an advocate for change, Sheela fights the current administration’s restrictive immigration laws while championing entrepreneurship, motivation, and leadership development. Alongside Vasant, Sheela founded the MurthyNAYAK Foundation, which directs its philanthropic donations toward nonprofit organizations that support immigrants in America and India.

Sheela Murthy and her team of immigration attorneys at her firm have handled complex cases successfully, challenging arbitrary visa denials while advocating for immigrants’ rights.

Second Opinions

Second opinions can be invaluable tools for entrepreneurs in business. A second opinion from another company, friend, or advisor may help prevent costly mistakes from being made by an entrepreneur. It may highlight potential opportunities for growth and success that might not otherwise have been identified.

Sheela Murthy is the Founder and President of the Murthy Law Firm in Baltimore County, which employs 100 professionals focused on immigration law. She obtained her Master of Law from Harvard Law School and is licensed to practice before New York, Maryland, and U.S. Supreme Court courts. Murthy began her legal career at Baltimore City and New York firms before opening her practice in 1994.

Aron Finkelstein joined Murthy’s firm in 1999 as its managing attorney. Finkelstein notes how Murthy takes special care to take good care of her employees: she shows genuine interest in each case she takes up, making it easy to trust her with important matters. Murthy also takes an interest in each colleague’s life outside work; for instance, she hosts regular pizza parties even when one member observes kosher diet rules!

Murthy is passionate about entrepreneurship and motivation, leadership and women’s issues, partnering with others to make the world a better place, being named Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and Maryland Innovator by Maryland Innovates Magazine as well as United Way Philanthropist of the Year by United Way Philanthropy Awards. Alongside her husband, Vasant Nayak, she also established The MurthyNAYAK Foundation, which supports nonprofits in Baltimore and nongovernmental organizations from India, emphasizing education, immigrants, women’s issues, and children’s social justice initiatives.


The Murthy Law Firm is an internationally-recognized firm founded by Sheela Murthy in 1994 and is known for its commitment to humanity and excellence. By providing their clients with superior representation while prioritizing their well-being, The Murthy Law Firm has amassed an enviable clientele while forging strong connections in their industry.

Sheela heads the Owings Mills office with 85 dedicated employees – lawyers and support staff- spanning domestic and international client services. Based out of Owings Mills in Maryland, Sheela is also an international speaker, author, and philanthropist, firmly believing in America as a land of opportunity for all its inhabitants, immigrants being an essential element in its economy. As part of AILA, she serves on several committees nationwide for AILA membership.

Every day, attorneys at Murthy Law Firm have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their clients by helping them navigate the complex world of immigration law and providing hope for a brighter future. In return, employees enjoy various employee benefits like competitive salaries and comprehensive health coverage.

The Murthy Law Firm is an innovative and dynamic company revolutionizing how we view immigration. They are experts in business immigration and have assisted countless individuals and families in realizing their dreams. Their offices are in India and the US, and they are known for providing exceptional services and dedication to clients. Sheela Murthy is an eminent immigration attorney, community activist, and entrepreneur. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, leadership, and women’s issues, working tirelessly to advocate the benefits of immigration to the US. As such, she has spoken at numerous immigration-themed conferences as a speaker or chairperson and created the MurthyNAYAK Foundation to assist individuals and families with their immigration needs.