MLC Full Form


The MLC is a set of rules and regulations that govern the maritime industry. It comprises three main sections: the Articles, Regulations, and Code. The first two concern seafarers’ working and living conditions, and the third relates to inspection and compliance. The articles and regulations are organized by subject.

Article XIV expresses the ratification procedure.

The express ratification procedure aims at bringing the Convention closer to the present procedure for revising Conventions established by the ILO. It is similar to the existing procedure for revising Conventions that applies to the Code. However, some differences exist. These differences include the method for amending the Convention and non-ratifying members’ roles.

The express ratification procedure provides a more convenient and flexible procedure for amending the Code and MLC. It allows changes to take effect three to four years after the proposal is made. The amendments will then only apply to countries that ratify them. This procedure is more flexible than the conventional ratification procedure and will result in a more up-to-date Convention than the existing ones.

Article XV expresses the ratification procedure.

The express ratification procedure is a means by which the people can ratify the Constitution without going through a formal referendum process. This procedure can be used for several purposes. First, it can be used to express a national sentiment. Second, it can be used to express the desire of the people to change the Constitution.

Article XVI expresses the ratification procedure.

The express ratification procedure established by Article XVI provides that a State Party may ratify an international convention through the UN General Assembly or a committee of States Parties. Ratification requires two-thirds of the total number of States Parties. Once an instrument of ratification has been deposited with the Secretary-General, the Convention shall enter into force thirty days later.