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Metallic epoxy flooring has become increasingly popular for use on both industrial and commercial floors due to its unique look created by mixing colored metallic pigments into its epoxy formula. Metallic epoxy floors create an eye-catching visual display on feet, thanks to this floor covering option’s striking metallic pigments used to produce its distinctive effect. The best way to find the Castle Epoxy Flooring.

These floors are highly resilient and have low maintenance requirements. They can withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery, chemicals, and mildew without staining or mildew formation.


Your floor is one of the most distinctive aspects of any home or business and makes an important first impression on visitors and customers. A dull concrete floor may leave them with an unfavorable impression, but metallic epoxy floor coating can transform this space into a visually stunning masterpiece – perfect for both residential and commercial properties alike! With its sleek design and unique charm, metallic epoxy flooring solutions provide intelligent solutions.

With proper installation and care, metallic epoxy flooring can bring years of enjoyment. To preserve its beauty and ensure you protect it from spills quickly, cleaning with broom/mop and warm water will keep your floor looking brand new. In case any stains or damages appear on your surface, it’s a good idea to seek the advice of a professional flooring specialist who can quickly repair them while matching up their repair work with the rest of the floor surface.

If you want to create a truly original design, incorporate geometric shapes or patterns into your metallic epoxy floor design. Experienced technicians are capable of crafting intricate designs that add depth and character to any room, while the interplay of pigments creates a stunning three-dimensional appearance that is sure to wow visitors. Alternatively, for an elegant traditional feel, choose single-color metallic epoxy flooring instead.

Preparing to apply a metallic epoxy coating requires careful consideration, starting with moisture tests and other essential steps such as moisture barriers to avoid problems like bubbling or warping. When the subfloor is dry, primer can be applied before pouring on multiple colors of epoxy in various textures. Once complete, a performance urethane topcoat should be added for protection from scratches and other forms of damage.

Metallic epoxy may seem limited to high-end offices and commercial spaces, but its versatility allows it to be used anywhere from modern living rooms to luxurious retail environments. From offering limitless aesthetic opportunities and exceptional durability – metallic epoxy provides endless possibilities.


Metallic epoxy flooring systems offer durable solutions, from wear and tear resistance to punctures, abrasion, moisture absorption, and chemical spills. Hygienic and slip-resistant for enhanced safety features, as well as scratch resistance that ensures it retains its sheen over time.

Metallic epoxy floors are not only long-lasting and rigid, they’re also easy to keep clean and stain-proof. Sweeping or mopping without waxing will do and will not develop mildew, mold, or stains over time. Indeed, metallic epoxy’s rigid surface even resists heavy machinery or foot traffic abrasion!

Metallic epoxy flooring stands apart from its competitors in terms of its long-term durability. As one of the strongest and easiest-to-maintain flooring materials available today, metallic epoxy is an invaluable investment that can last over ten years without needing repairs. Plus, maintenance costs will be drastically reduced!

Metallic epoxy floors create an eye-catching visual impact in any room they grace, making them the ideal choice for retail spaces and other areas where customers should feel special.

Your choices for floor design options include various colors and swirls to give it an original touch. Furthermore, mixing multiple hues will allow for an even more significant distinction in the finish that will set it apart from others.

No two metallic epoxy floors will ever look identical due to chemical reactions during curing that produce various patterns and designs, such as those seen on lava flows, slowly burning embers, clouds, or waves.

ArmorGarage stands out from its competition by offering an unmatched lifetime warranty against wear and damage to your garage floor, which is virtually unprecedented in our industry. We stand behind our products’ quality with this assurance; should you consider other solutions, be sure to read their warranties carefully, as some may not provide adequate protection from abrasion, which could affect their ability to withstand your heavy equipment or foot traffic.

Easy to Clean

Metallic epoxy flooring is not only visually pleasing, but it is also easy to keep clean, thanks to its nonporous nature. Simply using water and cloth will remove most dust and dirt particles. Plus, its durability means it stands up well against scratches – something essential in high-traffic environments.

Maintaining the beauty of your new floor requires regular care and maintenance. Use a broom or vacuum to rid yourself of dirt and debris before pouring an approved non-enzymatic cleaner mixed with hot water onto the floor and mopping to finish the cleaning process.

As epoxy flooring may contain acids that degloss its surface over time, certain cleaners should be avoided to protect its coating. In particular, citrus-based cleaners and vinegar should be avoided due to their acid content, which could compromise their layer over time. Diluted ammonia cleaner is recommended instead, as this solution won’t degrade over time either.

If a stain occurs on your metallic epoxy floor, it’s crucial to take immediate steps. Allowing it to remain can cause lasting damage to the flooring; even worse, it could crack or chip over time. In most instances, using just a mop and warm water should suffice to eliminate it.

Scrubbing your epoxy floor surface with a nylon brush and warm water can also help remove stubborn stains or spills that do not respond to other cleaning methods. For severe stain removal, an industrial-strength scrubber or scrubbing machine using an acidic or alkaline cleaner may be more suitable.

Protective mats should also be placed where heavy machinery or vehicles are stored on the floor, helping prevent any damage to your foot from the weight of such machines and vehicles. Furthermore, placing plywood beneath your weld station or car lift in the garage can protect it from being damaged by its weight.


Metallic epoxy floors are popular and add style to a room, but they can be expensive. Costs will depend on both labor and materials costs; your location could also have an effect – materials may cost more in certain regions than others – therefore, it is essential to understand all variables before approaching a contractor for advice.

Color has an impactful influence on cost. Metallic pigment powders added during mixing or application create a unique look; their movement creates swirled effects, which makes no two floors the same, even with similar hues. Furthermore, the installer technique plays a huge role in producing optimal results; therefore, an experienced professional must be hired.

Adding decorative additives to an epoxy floor can increase its cost, as this will make the appearance of river rocks much more realistic – it costs approximately $10 per square foot to do this process by hand-spreading mica or quartz flakes during the pouring process. Other decorative additions, like glitter, marble, and seashells, can increase costs considerably – but remember, these temporary additions will wear off quickly!

Before they begin work, an experienced installer can help you estimate how much a floor will cost. They will take into account factors such as space size and existing flooring material costs when making this estimate. Furthermore, they will use an appropriate epoxy system – for instance, commercial/industrial floors may need a more durable coating than residential garage floors – that best meets your project requirements.

Another variable that impacts the cost of metallic floors is their condition. A dirty or uneven floor requires additional labor hours and cost in terms of cleaning and prep to bring it back into good shape, thus increasing overall costs. Furthermore, special glues or finishes may need to be removed prior to applying new coatings on top.

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