Marblehead School Calendar 2022-2024


Marblehead School Calendar 2022-2024 includes all major holidays as well as non-student days such as teacher preparation and professional development days.

An assertion about revisiting days off near the start of the school year has reignited an old debate; some feel Jewish holidays should remain on the calendar.


September is an exciting month, bringing cooler weather, back-to-school sales, and one of the year’s most celebrated birthdays – but also stressful for parents as their children begin school for another academic year. Parents want their child’s transition back to class to be smooth. Here are some strategies for parents that may help their children make a successful return.

This year, school starts early: Thursday, September 7. Families won’t have to wait as long for it all to start; however, there will still be days off due to Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur; additionally, there will be one short week due to Veterans Day as it marks a week-long break during fall semester.

On Friday, the city education department released the 2023-24 calendar which includes new policies for dealing with severe weather and November’s Election Day (a non-attendance day). Students will attend class 181 days during this school year with three built-in make-up days for inclement weather; parent-teacher conference dates may differ from what’s listed.

The district’s online calendar lists days off, holidays, and special events scheduled throughout the year. Each month of the year also contains an area for notes. There is also a list of religious holidays and state holidays provided as planning tools only; exact calendar information for individual campuses can only be accessed by visiting each campus’s website directly. As any 2023 school calendar may change at any time without warning it’s wise to keep tabs on updates by checking the district website regularly – typically schools update their calendars between March and April for planning purposes.


Parents in Marblehead are gearing up for back-to-school season as children head back to Marblehead High School, Veterans Middle School, and elementary schools in Massachusetts. But before donning backpacks and pens for class, take a moment to look over your school calendars for important dates such as the first day of classes, holidays, early dismissals, and parent-teacher conferences that you need to keep an eye out for.

Marblehead High and Veterans Middle Schools officially kicked off their academic year on September 5, welcoming students in grades 1-12 for classes one through 12 to begin classes for this academic year. Students, teachers, and families celebrated many different holidays including Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur, Columbus/Indigenous Peoples’ Day (held Sept 26), Halloween Veterans Day Thanksgiving Conferences professional development days among many more!

Down Syndrome Awareness Month is celebrated each October as an opportunity to increase public understanding about people living with Down syndrome, and their challenges, and show our support.

Elizabeth has been at the helm of Devereux School since 2011. A lifelong Marblehead resident, she spent nearly two decades teaching at Marblehead Children’s Center and Seaside Nursery School prior to leading Devereux. Elizabeth brings both experience and dedication to Marblehead children and education – serving on the Tower School Enrichment Committee, Marblehead Public Schools Arts Council, as president of Marblehead Dollars for Scholars as well as serving on Tower School Enrichment Committee & Marblehead Dollars for Scholars committees among many others – as she lives in Marblehead along with her husband & daughters as she holds an undergraduate B.S. from MIT majoring in Pathobiology


November brings cold temperatures, but there are plenty of events and activities in the city for all members of the family to enjoy in November. From holiday celebrations to murder mysteries, there’s something fun happening every weekend that you won’t want to miss – plus it will keep them warm while taking in all this entertainment!

A comment by the superintendent about potentially reviewing days off near the start of school ignited debate on this issue, leading some to assume that it implied dropping Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur from its calendar. But, contrary to popular belief, he denied this possibility by noting he would consult parents prior to making changes.

This top-rated public school in Marblehead, Massachusetts stands out with an excellent student-teacher ratio of 10-1 and boasts outstanding test scores and graduation rates that rank it amongst its state counterparts. Furthermore, they provide Advanced Placement(r) courses and exams.

Devereux School stands apart from its academic rivals by embracing tradition and returning to a simpler time through family-focused programs with a strong emphasis on music, nature, and arts. Devereux has been dedicated to providing a safe learning environment for its students for over three generations now; having helped nurture many young minds along their journey.

Established in 1932, Devereux @ Waring School of Marblehead is one of the North Shore’s oldest academic institutions and offers students from nursery through third grade a nurturing learning environment on its main campus in Marblehead and fourth and fifth grades at Devereux @ Waring in Beverly. Devereux@Waring’s mission is to teach respect for themselves and others while instilling an appreciation of learning as well as fostering life-long social justice commitment.

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December is the tenth and final month in the Gregorian calendar and the first month in both Julian and Jewish calendars. It derives its name from the Latin decem (ten), meaning tenth month; German and Russian speakers often refer to December by this name as well.

Marblehead Public Schools in Massachusetts has issued their 2023-2024 school calendar, featuring major holidays as well as teacher preparation days, conference/professional development days, and conference/professional development conferences/days. You can access it online via their official website.

Calendars featuring photographs from Wednesdays on the Marblehead website are printed on high-quality paper suitable for writing. Saddle-stitched and protected with plastic sleeves, their photos are clear, vivid, and colorful with plenty of room under each grid section for notes. Available in multiple formats they make an excellent present for anyone who lives or has visited Marblehead.