Luna Park – A Trip to the Moon


If you enjoy amusement parks and like to travel, you might want to check out Luna Park in New York City. The park is located in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn. It opened in May 2010. Many attractions at this park are worth visiting. They include the Ferris Wheel, the Skyway, the Coney Island Twist and Shout, the Skyscraper, and the Roller Coaster. You can also enjoy a live performance of the Luna Park Circus.

Built on 22 acres

There is an actual building in Brooklyn called the Barclays Center. It was built on 22 acres, one of the city’s larger tracts. Aside from the 216 apartments mentioned above, the community has a couple of pools and 84 townhomes. Some of the best restaurants in the area are located near the site. The neighborhood is also convenient for those looking to get some quality R&R.

The site also has its fair share of trees; some nearly 70 years old. In addition, there is a pond and waterfall, not to mention a dog park and pet-friendly environment. Moreover, it is located near a major thoroughfare, a hospital, and shopping. While the property may have the usual suspects, a new tenant or two might be on the horizon.

Named in honor of the Airship Luna

A trip to the Moon is not always an easy feat. It was only one of several notable attractions at Luna Park.

The most lauded was probably “A Trip to the Moon”. This cyclorama show transported passengers to the moon, courtesy of Fred Thompson and Skip Dundy.

Other rides included the Giant Racer and the Mile Sky Chaser. Attractions included the “Aerial Navigation Company” – a “dark ride” – which boasted of 30 airships flying daily.

There was also the Great Sea Divers, a shipwreck scenario, complete with a spherical tank containing an 80,000-gallon reservoir. Also, in 1907, a giant oval course with a flexible metal floor was installed at Luna.


Luna Amusement Park was opened in the late 1920s. The park consisted of several rides, a travel merry-go-round, and several shows. It was the first amusement park to offer a live spectacular show.

Attractions at Luna Park included the Dragon Gorge Scenic Railroad, a Coal Mine, and a Pig Slide. A gyroscope ride was also featured. In the summer of 1904, Luna featured an aerial circus.

Luna was the only amusement park to have an elephant ride. Elmer ‘Skip’ Dundy founded the park. He amassed the largest privately owned herd of elephants in the world.

In addition to the Elephants, Luna Park offered several other animal shows. Some of the animals used were donkeys, zebras, and horses.

Energy consumption

Located in Sydney, Australia, Luna Park was a venerable amusement park for the city’s residents. Several of its rides were imported from South Australia. While the park did not have the best attendance numbers, the rides and attractions did have their moments. One of the few significant failures in the park’s history was the Ghost Train, which aired in the middle of the night, killing six children and an adult.

The park also featured many amusement rides, ranging from traditional to state-of-the-art. Aside from the usual suspects, Luna Park also featured the newest ride on the block. With its impressive list of attractions, it is hard to believe that the park has been around since 1935.

Live spectacular show

Luna Park was an amusement park in Coney Island, Brooklyn. The park was founded in the late 1920s. It was the first to provide a live spectacular show.

Attractions included a roller coaster, a submarine ride, and a shooting gallery. It also had a wireless office. Some of the rides were free, while others were 25 cents. For adults, a combo ticket is allowed for 17 rides.

During the 1904 aerial circus, 20,000 spectators watched equestrians, bears, and Spessardy’s bears. A bareback rider named Josie Ashton was the star of the show.

Other attractions at the park included the Dragon Gorge Scenic Railroad, an aerial ride, and an elephant ride. Another attraction was a gyroscope ride. There was also a Shoot-the-Chutes.