Lower Blepharoplasty Before and After


A patient in her early 30s was self-conscious about puffy lower eyelids and dark circles under her eyes, yet pleased that after surgery, they looked less tired than before. What do you consider about بلفاروپلاستی.

This patient underwent subsidiary blepharoplasty through an incision in the pink mucosa of her lower eyelid. This surgical procedure removed excess skin while also conservatively repositioning fat deposits to create a natural-looking contour between the eyelid and cheek junction.

1. Patient in his early 60s

Eyes are one of the most prominent features on any face, and if overly full or puffy, they can create an aged appearance. Patients in such circumstances often make good candidates for cosmetic lower eyelid blepharoplasty – a procedure to remove excess fat, skin, and muscle from eyelids with the aim of creating a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

This early-60s woman was dissatisfied with the fullness of her upper eyelids and their tired appearance, so she underwent upper eyelid ptosis surgery (blepharoplasty) as well as lower lid external approach blepharoplasty with removal/repositioning/filler injection of eye fat pads, tear trough filler injection, for a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty offers natural yet striking results. It is a widespread surgery with lasting results when performed by an experienced surgeon.

Younger patients typically do not suffer from under-eye fatty prominence but may suffer from hollowness below the eyes (tear trough deformity). Such patients are ideal candidates for injectable dermal fillers such as Restylane and Belotero, which provide excellent results while being far less invasive than surgery. Furthermore, these fillers can help blend the eyelid/cheek interface and reduce the “tired or aged” appearance in faces; this treatment can be performed either prior to eyelid surgery or shortly after that and lasts several years.

2. Patient in his late 60s

This middle-aged man was dissatisfied with the appearance of his tired eyes. To improve them, he traveled from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for scarless lower blepharoplasty (transconjunctival technique with eye fat bags repositioning) and lateral brow lift procedures that would create younger-looking, masculine yet natural-looking eyes.

This 50-year-old female was bothered by excess and loose skin around her eyes. To correct hooded eyes and redrape eye fat bags, she underwent cosmetic upper blepharoplasty (removal of skin from upper eyelids to fix) and lower blepharoplasty (redraping of eye overweight bags) under local anesthesia in our office.

Droopy eyelids and under-eye bags can make you appear older and tired despite your best efforts at rest and rejuvenation. Eyelid surgery is often the best solution to restore facial harmony and revitalize appearance.

Dr. Jacono offers lower blepharoplasty daily in his practice under local or twilight anesthesia and also specializes in correcting complications from prior procedures performed elsewhere. He can tighten loose skin, eliminate wrinkles, and reduce puffiness to give you a refreshed, youthful appearance that will improve both self-esteem and outlook on life – lasting years, even decades after surgery! This procedure is one of the most frequently performed facial plastic surgeries; therefore, a surgeon with enough experience and skills must be found for successful outcomes.

3. Patient in his early 70s

One of our patients in her early 50s came to our office because of dissatisfaction with the tired appearance of her eyes. In particular, she was bothered by the heaviness of lower eyelid “bags,” down-slanting outer corners, and unsightly scar tissue bulge on her left upper eyelid; these issues made her seek change. Dr. Baljeet K Purewal performed both upper and lower blepharoplasty procedures – for her upper eyelids, strip skin removal was performed along with fat grafting techniques; in New Jersey, for lower lid “crease” removal while prominent “bags” were removed with fat grafting procedures to fill them out. Her eyes now look fresh and rejuvenated!

Cosmetic blepharoplasty results are intended to last. However, the quality and elasticity of your skin may change over time, necessitating continued skincare practices and sun protection efforts in order to uphold them. To make sure the desired effects last as intended, regular skincare maintenance and sun protection must also be implemented regularly after cosmetic blepharoplasty surgery.

These photos depict a 26-year-old female who underwent lower blepharoplasty surgery in 2019. She successfully treated two layers of fat pockets beneath her eyes by extracting and tightening excess skin, creating an instant less tired, more refreshed appearance while still showing off her stunning eyes.

4. Patient in his early 80s

Patient in their early 80s who complained of looking tired all of the time and needed to use excessive cover-up makeup underwent lower eyelid external approach blepharoplasty with canthopexy (removal and repositioning of excess skin) and fat grafting to smooth his lid cheek junction, ultimately looking less puffy while having more youthful and refreshed features postoperatively.

This beautiful woman in her 40s was bothered by the heaviness of her upper eyelids and had some asymmetries with the contralateral upper eyelid. To improve symmetry with both upper lids, left upper blepharoplasty was performed; right lateral canthopexy (removal of extra skin and redraping of excess fat), and transconjunctival blepharoplasty with fat redraping and skin pinch to provide her with a more refreshed and rested look.

Young patients frequently suffer from tear trough deformity. Dermal fillers such as Restylane and Belotero injections are an effective solution to this problem, offering minimally invasive results without general anesthesia. Over time, however, dermal filler results will diminish; by contrast, cosmetic blepharoplasty surgery requires both artistic and technical expertise in order to reposition the skin and tighten fatty tissue for long-lasting change effectively.

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