Lincoln Pizza Oven


The Lincoln pizza oven is a forced hot air conveyor oven designed to cook food two times faster than convection ovens and four times faster than deck ovens. Powered by either natural gas or electricity, its ventless option makes this device suitable for some locations without the need for a hood.


Lincoln Impinger Pizza Ovens offer food service professionals an effective solution to cut energy costs and ensure optimal cooking performance while at the same time cutting energy costs. These forced hot air conveyor ovens cook two times faster than convection ovens and up to four times quicker than deck ovens, and come in both single- and double-deck options, providing chefs with flexibility in creating optimal setups to suit the requirements of their operation.

Lincoln Pizza Ovens boast various oven capacities to meet a range of applications such as sandwiches, chicken, bruschetta, potatoes, and more. Unlike regular home ovens which lose heat each time the door opens, Lincoln pizza ovens keep their heat consistent to guarantee perfect results every time you use the oven.

Lincoln Impinger ovens feature front-loading designs that make loading products through an access opening simple and efficient, and a see-through window allows you to monitor their progress during cooking. A conveyor belt travels past air distribution fingers which can be configured per customer preference to deliver hot air jets directly onto products for quick and precise cooking; additionally, oven temperatures range from 250 to 575 degrees Fahrenheit while speed reversibility gives maximum flexibility and customization of results.

Modern conveyor pizza ovens are faster than ever thanks to technological advancements like revamped chambers and more efficient nozzles. One manufacturer even reduced the bake time of their advanced impingement ovens by up to one minute – meaning faster table turns, quicker deliveries, and happier customers!


Lincoln ovens use forced hot air to ensure even heating of food, eliminating burnt bottoms, undercooked middles, or over-browned tops – perfect for producing large batches of pizza quickly!

Lincoln conveyor ovens differ from traditional ovens by not losing heat every time the doors are opened to add or remove food, saving energy by maintaining constant temperatures while decreasing cooking times. This helps save both time and energy costs.

Lincoln conveyor pizza ovens are an ideal choice for restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, and coffee shops alike. This electric model oven boasts a front removable conveyor belt with advanced air impingement technology to increase bake quality and uniformity when cooking. The user-friendly digital control panel features an enhanced view vacuum fluorescent readout display so staff members can turn it on or off easily while monitoring temperatures between 250-600 degrees F and adjust conveyor belt speed from one minute up to 30 minutes with just one touch!

No matter your cooking needs – be it pizzas, chicken, potatoes, bruschetta, or sandwiches – this compact ventless oven can meet them. Small enough to fit on most commercial countertops while large enough to replace up to five microwaves at the same time and stack three high for increased capacity.


Lincoln ovens provide businesses with numerous benefits, including faster bake times, advanced air impingement technology, and enhanced product flow during cooking. These features help lower costs while simultaneously improving consistency in product output and decreasing operator error. Furthermore, Lincoln ovens are user-friendly and simple to clean – an added benefit.

No matter whether it’s pizza, chicken, potatoes, bruschetta, or something entirely different – Lincoln ovens guarantee that their impingement technology ensures even and fast cooking times; you can even cook multiple dishes simultaneously to save both time and money!

Lincoln pioneered forced-air cooking, meaning their conveyor ovens are quieter and more energy efficient than others. Furthermore, their ovens are durable and last longer than other models; making them ideal for busy restaurants as their maintenance costs are reduced over time.

The 1600 series is an ideal solution for small to mid-sized pizzerias. This dual-deck oven uses FastBake heating technology with advanced air impingement to cut baking times while simultaneously increasing product flow. Plus, its low-profile design enables stacking up to three decks high! For added ease in cleaning this model includes an integral front conveyor belt.

If your Lincoln Impinger pizza oven is acting up, the first step should be checking its power source. If a display or hall-effect sensor is malfunctioning, shut it down and check that its power connection is secure before restarting it to see if any additional problems surface. If those remain, then call in an authorized technician who can conduct voltage tests to identify open circuits or shorts within its wiring systems that might be the cause.


Lincoln ovens utilize forced hot air cooking to expedite pizza baking time. Compared to conventional conveyor ovens that rely on convection heat, Lincoln ovens cook two or four times faster. This enables your staff to save both time and labor while producing high-quality baked foods.

These ovens come in both single-deck and double-deck configurations and boast a 56″ conveyor belt with adjustable temperatures and speeds. This enables you to produce more pizzas, sandwiches, and other menu items using an accurate baking cycle. All ovens comply with NSF certification, plus feature an intuitive digital control panel for user-friendly operation.

All models feature a front-loading access door with a cool handle for safe and simple maintenance, made from durable stainless steel material for long-lasting design, with smooth surfaces on its sides, top, and front to facilitate sanitation to reduce bacteria buildup and transfer. Furthermore, vented ovens help ensure efficient operations.

Lincoln Impinger Ovens stand apart from other conveyor ovens by their design to reduce operator contact and promote food safety, using a conveyor system to speed up baking while also cutting operational costs and space requirements. Furthermore, two units may be stacked side-by-side to maximize storage capabilities.

Lincoln conveyor ovens are an excellent solution for restaurants or pizzerias that serve a range of menu items. Their more evenly distributed heat helps maintain food consistency. Plus, their reduced energy usage helps boost bottom lines. When looking for commercial pizza ovens to help increase revenue and bottom lines, a Lincoln oven may be just what’s needed.