Lenovo Yoga C740 Review


The Lenovo Yoga C740 is a great device if you are looking for a tablet with a great design and high-end performance. This tablet offers a high-resolution display, a powerful Intel UHD graphics 620, and a USB-C port for quick connectivity to your computer.

IPS display

The Lenovo Yoga C740 is a convertible 2-in-1 laptop with a bright and colorful touchscreen. It also comes with a powerful processor and high-speed connectivity. In addition, the IPS panel provides an impressive viewing experience.

This laptop has a sturdy cooling system that will keep the computer cool during intensive use. It also has a built-in active pen.

The screen offers comfortable viewing angles and a decent contrast ratio. It supports Dolby Vision, allow Enggivid color and deep black levels. In addition, it addition, its added, itss has a Dolby Atmos speaker system, which produces an immersive audio experience. The laptop also has a solid battery life.

The Yoga C740 is available in two models: a 14-inch and 15.6-inch versions. Each is made of aluminum and has a premium feel. It weighs about 1.40 kg.

Intel UHD Graphics 620

Intel’s UHD graphics can handle the latest games. Although the GPU’s performance will vary depending on other factors such as your processor, RAM,,, and cooling system, some benchmarks can help you assess its performance.

The Lenovo Yoga C740 is an affordable 2-in-1 laptop with many features for less than $1,000. It has an amazing battery life, a svelte design,,, and a good display.

The Yoga C740 has a 10th-gen Intel Core i5 o i7 pessor with a fast SSD. It comes with Windows 10 but can be upgraded to Windows 11 for free. It also has an impressive battery life of over ten hours.

In addition, it’sddition, it’sas a nice touchscreen that has a resolution of 1920 x 1080. In addition, it’sddition, it’sddition, it’s pen-enabled for easy note-taking and sketching.

USB-C port

Lenovo’s Yoga C740 features a 14″ FHD touchscreen display, a user-facing Dolby Atmos speaker system, and long battery life. It’s an excellent laptop for mobile professionals and students. But it has a couple of shortcomings.

One is the USB-C port. Unlike traditional USB ports, the port on the C740 is a charging port. Unfortunately, it’s soldered onto the motherboard, so you can’t just plug it into a phone charger. Instead, you’ll need to buy a separate module.

Other noteworthy features include a built-in webcam, Dolby Atmos, a fingerprint scanner, a user-facing touchscreen, and a slim design. On the downside, the C740’s screen isn’t very bright.

The best thing about the Yoga C740 is the battery life. We tested it on a battery meter and got a total 10 hours and 18 minutes of use out of it. This is longer than the 9:08 average for a premium laptop.

Battery life

Whether you need a laptop for your studies or your everyday needs, the Lenovo Yoga C740 offers excellent value for your money. It is lightweight, easy to carry, andamazingwerful CPU and amazing battery life.

The Yoga C740 is available in 14-inch and 15.6-inch versions. It comes with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision speakers and support for HDR. The display is bright and has a comfortable viewing angle.

The Lenovo C740 uses Intel’s 10th Gen Core i5 or i7 processors. This gives the laptop a solid performance, with faster wireless speeds and port compatibility. The C740 also has Wi-Fi 6 (11ac) and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The C740 is also equipped with a privacy shutter for the webcam.

The Lenovo Yoga C740 is a powerful 2-in-1 laptop. It has the solid built quality and great Intel UHD graphics. In addition, itsaddition, itsaddition, its touchscreen display features a comfortable contrast ratio and Dolby Atmos sound.


Lenovo Yoga C740 is a convertible laptop that packs plenty of powern addition, iIn addition, itsts high-end specs for a reasonable price make it an excellent value.

Lenovo Yoga C740 comes with a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor. This dual-core CPU delivers good performance for everyday computing tasksn addition, iIn addition, itsIn addition, itsts integrated graphics card provides some performance enhancements. It’s a practical option for light gaming and photo editing. It also has enough power for video encoding and other processor-intensive activities.

The Yoga C740’s screen is bright and offers good viewing anglesn addition, iIn addition, itsts Dolby Vision supports vivid colors. It also features Dolby Atmos, a sound technology that can create deep, dark sound levels.

The laptop’s keyboard is comfortable to use. It sits above a large touchpad and is separated from the speakers by a hinge. This allows for a seamless transition from clamshell to the tablet. The lid has a slim design and an Iron Gray finish. It features a fingerprint scanner on the right side.