Kramer Lobster Shirt


Every viewer of Seinfeld knows that Cosmo Kramer has many passions in his life and an outstanding sense of style, evident through his clothing choices.

His outfits often combine classic pieces with eye-catching prints; one such garment is his lobster shirt adorned with red lobsters emblazoned all over it – sure to turn heads and turn heads again!

Authentic Seinfeld Shirt

If you love Seinfeld, this shirt will bring back memories. It features lobsters printed all over it for that iconic Cosmo Kramer look and makes an ideal beach or city outfit – you’re sure to make an impression in bars or clubs when wearing this!

This shirt is constructed of high-quality materials that offer both comfort and style, including short sleeves with a classic fit that makes it suitable for hotter climates and soft material that makes cleaning simple – an ideal present for any Seinfeld fan! Machine washing also makes care a breeze, making this an excellent addition to anyone’s collection! This shirt is a beautiful present!

The Authentic Seinfeld Shirt is the ideal way to show your passion for Seinfeld. Not only is it sure to turn heads on any special occasion, but its many sizes ensure there is one perfect for everyone.

No matter where life takes you, this lobster shirt will soon become your new go-to shirt! Crafted of durable cotton and linen fabric for optimal comfort and style, they make for the ideal addition to any look and occasion.

A must-have for any true Seinfeld fan! Created by its creators, this tee features images of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer from the series and comes in multiple colors and sizes so that you can find one perfect for yourself or as a gift for friends and family members! Customization options also exist!

Great for the beach

The lobster shirt is an eye-catching piece to add to any beach wardrobe and will surely start conversations wherever it goes! Made famous on Seinfeld and worn by Tosh O on Comedy Central, fans of either show will deem this piece essential – now’s your chance to grab the shirt that everyone has been talking about!

At East Hampton for the weekend, Jerry, George, and Elaine are joined by Jane, who has come to see her friend’s newborn child, and Rachel, whose father gave her a kishka in exchange for seeing Jerry naked. On their beach expedition, Kramer finds a lobster trap and brings back enough lobsters for everyone, but at dinner, Rachel declines to eat any due to being a kosher Jew and not wanting to break kashrut.

This white shirt with red lobsters makes an eye-catching addition to any summer ensemble, thanks to its high-quality materials and comfort features. Constructed of 65% polyester and 35% rayon fabric for soft touch while remaining lightweight and breathable – ideal for hot climates.

Great for any occasion

Attract attention wherever you go when wearing this unique Kramer Lobster shirt made from 65% polyester and 35% rayon for smooth comfort while being durable enough for an event or party with red lobsters that cover its entirety, giving it that classic Seinfeld vibe.

The Kramer Lobster shirt comes in standard fit sizes that span from medium to 2XLarge, making it an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Perfect for fans of Seinfeld or just wanting to make an impressionful statement – its bold lobster print will draw everyone’s eye!

Cosmo Kramer was one of the most memorable characters from Seinfeld, known for his eccentric sense of fashion that ranged from his curly hair that stood up on end to plaid blazers with lobster prints on them and short-sleeved shirts with lobster prints. Yet Kramer always managed to pull off his eccentric look effortlessly.

While many may perceive Kramer’s clothing to be simply old shirts from his 1960s wardrobe, in truth, it was carefully chosen to reflect his character and match up with his unique persona. Indeed, his clothing often served as a mirror reflecting upon him his quirky and unique characteristics.

The Kramer Lobster shirt is an ideal addition for both men and women who enjoy Seinfeld, offering a bright blue background with a vibrant lobster print – ideal for any summer look and easy to wear! Wearable and comfy, this shirt adds humor and fun to any wardrobe!

Great for a gift

The Kramer Lobster Shirt is the ideal way to express your passion for Seinfeld while making an eye-catching fashion statement. Made of high-quality materials and comfortable enough for all occasions, this shirt will turn heads wherever it goes – be it at a beach party, summer barbecue, or simply as a thoughtful present for friends and family members! It will definitely stand out in any crowd!

The lobster shirt made famous in numerous episodes of Seinfeld has recently made headlines again after appearing on Tosh O on Comedy Central, further increasing its fame. This short-sleeved button-down is white with red lobsters covering its entirety; its smooth and soft material is similar to a high cotton blend but more durable and provides superior comfort while remaining lightweight and breathable for hot climate conditions.

The Kramer Lobster Shirt is the quintessential cabana shirt for Seinfeld fans and should be part of every wardrobe. Boasting an irresistibly charming lobster print and casual silhouette, this must-have cabana piece makes a fantastic way to recreate a character appearance from Seinfeld!