Key Technologies That Changed Locksmith Industry


Technology is everywhere, constantly changing our lives and how we do things. Technological innovation has had a significant impact on different industries around the world. Technological applications are continually being developed to improve our lives. From 3D printing to wearables, the list goes on and on. However, due to the speed of hi-tech innovation, it can be challenging for everyone to keep up with the latest updates and know about these applications.

Even though the locksmith profession has existed for 4,000 years, today’s locksmiths have grown to specialize in various roles and tasks to meet the ever-evolving market demands. As a locksmith, you must stay current with the latest technology trends while watching for future innovations.

Locksmiths are not just specialists in doors and locks. They are also experts in providing professional security system advice. They are technicians who can install your alarm system and improve security access to ensure your home’s safety.

Some of the most popular technology trends that have had a significant impact on the locksmith industry include: 

Smart locks

Smartphone apps are becoming increasingly popular, and the smart lock is widely used. Smart lock technology has been around for a while, but it has taken us a long time to integrate it into our daily lives. Several market leaders, such as UniKey, Yale Real Living, August, Goji, Lockitron, Haven, and many more, already specialize in manufacturing smart locks. 

With the advent of smart locks, lock technology has evolved beyond mechanical locks and keys. You can quickly access your client’s property with smart locks and a smartphone app. That is why locksmiths need to have a broad range of knowledge of various technological gadgets to solve clients’ issues in emergencies.  

Keyless entry 

Keyless entry is a widely used technology in the auto industry. The keyless entry remote allows you to lock your car with an electric lock control without making physical contact with your vehicle.

Keyless entry is now a standard feature on all new car models. Most car manufacturers have included this technology in their products to make it easier for drivers to unlock their cars. However, if you lose or damage your car’s remote controls, you will find yourself locked out of your car. That is when you will need to call a locksmith.

A keyless remote is easy to use but also hard to replace. A locksmith must understand automotive mechanics to unlock your car in an emergency. 

Card access system 

Card access systems are widely used in office and apartment buildings. The card access system is usually connected to the alarm system to provide maximum security to the building. Different entrance layers are designed to provide various types of access, such as complete or restricted access to specific credentials.

Locksmiths have diversified their profession to include security system installation, maintenance, and upgrades. In today’s world, knowledge is needed outside of the locksmith profession. Locksmiths must stay updated with the latest trends and technological developments to increase their competitive edge and meet market demands. 

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