Joseph Abboud Suits Review


If you’re looking for a classic suit, look no further than Joseph Abboud. These suits are made in the United States with fabrics sourced from Italy. They’re not your typical box-cut suits. They’re custom-fit, allowing you to have the exact fit you’re looking for.

His suits are made in America.

Joseph Abboud is a Boston-based designer dedicated to making his collections in the United States. Today, he runs the largest menswear factory in the country, located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, alongside Buzzards Bay. The factory creates over 1,300 suits per week, roughly 300,000 per year, and employs over 500 people.

The suits are made by master tailors who use only the highest quality materials. Each piece is designed, cut, and stitched in the U.S., so there’s no shipping fee. This makes Joseph Abboud suits an intelligent choice for those looking to save money.

Joseph Abboud’s menswear factory, which opened in 1987, employs 800 people and produces more than 300,000 suits yearly. The factory is one of the world’s most extensive menswear manufacturing facilities, and it’s a significant part of the brand’s success.

His fabrics come from Italy.

The fabrics used in Joseph Abboud suits come from Italy. The brand specializes in wools from the Carlo Barbera, Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna, and Ferla mills. The fabrics are then cut using ten different cutting machines. Making one of Abboud’s suits is highly skilled and meticulous.

Each suit is tailored to fit the body’s shape, and the lining conforms to the body’s shape. The suits come with working buttonholes and hand-detailed pick stitching. Matching pocket squares, ties, and shoes complete the look. The brand recommends double monk strap shoes and matching shirts.

While many brands have factory locations in Italy, Joseph Abboud has a factory in New Bedford, Mass. The company has been operating since 1987 and is now the largest tailoring facility in North America. The factory produces various products, including Abboud’s namesake line and the Men’s Wearhouse line. It produces over 1,300 suits a week and roughly 300,000 per year.

His fits are a half canvas.

Joseph Abboud suits are a half-canvass construction, a term some people use to describe how the chest piece is fused. The fabric is usually Italian, and the suits are made in America. In contrast, a Hickey Freeman suit purchased from a department store is not likely to be a half-canvassed construction.

The designer, based in New Bedford, Mass., has been a trailblazer in men’s fashion for three decades. He has created suits that mimic Italian tailoring, and his collections are known for their superior quality. The suits, cut from the most delicate Italian fabrics, feel fantastic against the body and are built to last for years. The suits’ canvas shoulders accentuate the body and highlight the man’s best features.

His prices range from $895 to $2,000

Joseph Abboud is a well-known manufacturer of fancy men’s suits. The man behind this line is a native of New Bedford, Massachusetts, who made his name in the fashion industry by creating a soft-shoulder blazer and imitating the tailoring style of Giorgio Armani. He has been at the top of the fashion game for three decades, making millions of dollars. His designs are timeless, and he believes in the elegance of the suit.

The Joseph Abboud brand is a global fashion leader with over $700 million in retail sales. The company is offered through various channels, including Tailored Brands in the U.S., Onward Kashiyama in Japan, and its online store.