Johnny’s Pizza Southern Loop


Regional counter-serve chain that offers traditional and specialty pizza, as well as muffalettas and salads. Crusts are thin & fluffy; toppings include an unforgettable spicy crawfish pie known as Sweep the Kitchen.

Johnny Hunstman began operating a backyard pizza parlor in Monroe, Louisiana in 1967. To attract business, he employed creative methods ranging from dressing his child up in a barrel and hosting pizza-eating competitions to his now-famous pizza-eating stunts.


Johnny’s Pizza Southern Loop is the newest location of this regional counter-serve chain, boasting a pick-up window, party room, lunch buffet six days a week, pizza delivery service, and its inaugural patio dining space – plus more. Designed with modernity in mind and equipped with all of Johnny’s latest brand image and restaurant amenities – its hours of operation are 9 am to 11 pm Sunday through Thursday; 9 am to midnight Friday and Saturday; customers can order either online or at the restaurant with fresh flavorful pizza served from friendly staff members – perfect!


Johnny’s Pizza House of Southern Loop is their newest construction and boasts a pickup window, delivery services, and party room – in addition to their classic restaurant menu and amenities! Their modern design makes this location an excellent value!

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