It’s Hard To Say Goodbye


Drew Brees made his way from the football field to the studio following the 2021 NFL playoffs and figured to be heading for a lucrative career in broadcasting. However, like making NFL picks on BetUs, it is difficult to know which former players will be good behind the microphone. Brees was indignant about his future.

When the news was reported Brees would be out after one season, the former New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers quarterback made a strong statement. Brees said his plans hadn’t been decided, and he could do anything next year. Brees even mentioned returning to the football field. While it is unlikely Brees will ever suit up again under center, BetUS has shown the NFL has several players who had a hard time giving up the ghost.

Favre Retires, Then Unretires, Then Retires

After 20 years in the wilderness, quarterback Brett Favre was able to restore the luster to the Green Bay Packers’ name. Favre would finish his career with 71,838 passing yards and lead the Packers to a Super Bowl XXXI title. However, when the veteran quarterback ended his career, he wasn’t gracious about passing the torch to Aaron Rodgers.

After losing to the New York Giants in the NFC title game in 2008, Favre retired for the first time in March 2008. After a tearful press conference, Favre decided to return a month later. Initially, Favre wanted to go to the Minnesota Vikings, but the Packers didn’t want to send him to their rival franchise.

Favre led the Jets to a 9-7 record, but the season was soured by a 1-4 finish, and Favre suffered a torn biceps. After retiring again in February 2009, Favre would again decide to return in April of that year. But, this time, Favre would get what he wanted and sign with the Vikings. Favre would wrap up his career with two seasons in Minnesota before retiring for good in 2011.

TB 12 Can’t Give It Up.

NFL fans looking to turn the page got 40 days of euphoria. But the news was too good to be true. In March, Tom Brady, who unexpectedly announced his retirement in January of 2022, decided to return to play quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In his last season with Tampa Bay, Brady had shown few signs of his age.

Brady led the league with 5,316 passing yards and threw 43 touchdowns against 12 interceptions. However, how the season ended did sour Brady on retirement. The Buccaneers were upset at home in the divisional round by the eventual Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams. Brady’s retirement was then leaked and eventually confirmed by the quarterback.

What followed was a bizarre offseason, with Brady rumored to be trying to position himself to be moved to the Miami Dolphins. In addition, Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians, who, along with Brady, helped the Buccaneers to their second Super Bowl title, was rumored to have been forced into retirement to appease Brady. 

Pay Me, Or Else

John Riggins is a Hall of Fame running back known for rushing for more yards in his 30s than his 20s. Following two seasons with the Washington Redskins, each of which he ran for over 1,000 yards, Riggins retired following a contract dispute in 1979. Unfortunately, the time away didn’t last long.

After sitting out the 1980 season, Riggins was convinced to come back by Washington coach Joe Gibbs. In Super Bowl XVII against the Dolphins, Riggins would be the hero. He rushed for 166 yards to earn MVP honors. In 1983, the powerful runner would be named the NFL MVP. 

Riggins set a then-record with 24 rushing touchdowns and piled up 1,347 yards. That Washington team would advance to the Super Bowl before being crushed 38-9 by the Los Angeles Raiders. Riggins would finish his career with 11,352 yards.

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