How to Use Social Media Polls to Get Quick Feedback From Your Audience


Social media managers must possess an in-depth knowledge of each social media platform they manage, including its features and limitations, and best practices for each. The ultimate guide to buy Instagram followers sydney.

“Would You Rather” questions can be an excellent way to drive engagement on social media posts and generate discussion among audience members.


Social media polls can provide quick real-time feedback from your target audience. Votes can be created for fun, thought-provoking or controversial reasons, often resulting in higher engagement than regular posts.

Keep poll questions short and easy to comprehend; lengthy polls may discourage audiences from responding. Also, try making it relevant and relatable so that audiences will feel at ease answering it.

Polls are an invaluable way to gather consumer opinions when launching a new product or service and would like to understand their reactions. By collecting such consumer feedback, polls can provide invaluable insights that help your business improve and develop itself, inspire blog content creation and campaigns, and other marketing strategies, and could even drive the innovation of blog content. Social media polls can provide similar data at no additional expense to your business.

Questions About Your Business

Questions can be an excellent way for businesses to engage their followers on social media platforms like Facebook. Incorporate them in captions or texts when posting, or use live video features like Q&A;  to answer live follower inquiries in real-time.

If your business operates on Instagram, using its fill-in-the-blanks feature to post questions in Stories can allow its followers to respond by circling or filling in their answers.

Engagement on social media posts can help your business reach new customers and ultimately drive conversions, but increasing attention may not always come quickly. If your posts are falling flat with viewers, check out our guide on asking engaging questions of your target audience for some tips – we also have a list of 142 exciting question ideas you can use as sources of inspiration!

Questions About Your Products or Services

When hiring new employees or gaining a more profound knowledge of clients’ products and services, asking questions is an effective way of gathering intelligence. Questions like “How have you grown traffic in previous roles?” and “What challenges have been encountered when growing traffic?” can indicate how well the person communicates with a company’s target audience.

Social media platforms feature built-in polling and quizzing features, allowing you to pose fun, silly, or random questions to engage your target audience. Nordstrom uses Instagram’s story feature for fill-in-the-blank graphics asking followers about their favorite products – this tactic gets excellent engagement results.

Social media can be time-consuming when used to respond to customer inquiries. Many businesses will find themselves overwhelmed by “noise,” such as comments that don’t need responses, making prioritizing those requiring action difficult. A comprehensive FAQ page may help alleviate this burden, although it won’t completely replace a customer service representative.

Questions About Your Industry

Some interviewers will inquire about your experience within your chosen industry. They want to assess if you understand its latest trends and changes so they can determine if they can entrust you with keeping their business up-to-date with industry news.

Please do not shy away from sharing your knowledge by providing answers demonstrating how it applies to your business. For instance, if an interviewer brings up a recent social media campaign you would have modified further – you should tell the interviewer about this!

An ever-evolving social media algorithm makes increasing engagement even more crucial for organic reach, and asking engaging questions is one way of doing that. You can do this by asking a variety of different kinds of queries or taking advantage of features built for social media platforms such as Instagram’s “fill in the blank” captions to ask fun or silly ones – or by using HeyOrca as a survey tool and gathering qualitative insights from your audience through polling tools such as HeyOrca Survey Tool for increased audience engagement and increased reach.

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