How to Make a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper


Gum wrappers make an easy and enjoyable craft project to create beautiful heart-shaped creations that show how much we care for those we cherish. Use them as decorations or gift embellishments and show everyone you cherish just how much love there is between the pages!

First, fold the lower corners toward the middle crease to create a heart from a gum wrapper. Then, fold one side over the other until your design forms an imperfect heart shape.

Gather the Materials

Gum wrappers are an inexpensive, readily available, and engaging craft project for making heart-shaped objects from gum wrappers. Perfect for children to tackle themselves or as part of a family activity. Create the heart as a gift for someone special or display it; this step-by-step guide will walk you through every step of the process.

First, unwrap your wrapper and remove any gum from it. Fold the paper lengthwise with right and left edges folded into the middle crease; bend the top and bottom corners toward the center crease. Finally, fold down the top edges until you have created a flat strip of paper in the shape of a heart!

Locate the midpoint of the folded edge of your heart model. Pinch this point to create an indented curve similar to what was created earlier. When satisfied with its shape, fold and crease along its edge for stability.

If you want your heart to look more polished, use a plastic card to sharpen its creases. This simple step will add definition and polish to your gum wrapper’s heart’s appearance, making it more visually appealing and professional. Though optional, this step can dramatically impact its final appearance. Additionally, experiment with adding materials like ribbons or beads for an individual touch – perfect for creating one-of-a-kind gifts and gestures sure to please loved ones! This heart-shaped object makes an inexpensive yet thoughtful gesture sure to show them you care.

Fold the Wrapper

Before making a heart shape from your gum wrapper, ensure it is free from excess gum. Carefully fold one side into the other to form a crease along the middle that will be the basis of your heart shape. Make sure this crease is even and symmetrical, if possible, to ensure your final design looks professional and well-made.

Fold the lower corners of the gum wrapper into the middle crease to form the sides of your heart, tucking in any loose edges neatly for best results. A plastic card may also help refine and further define creases, although this step is optional.

Once your heart shape is complete, use a glue stick to secure it. Be careful not to apply too much glue, as too much could change its appearance and cause it to look bulky.

Now, you can add your unique stamp to any heart by decorating it with markers, pens, or stickers! By customizing its colors and designs to reflect who you are as an individual or just adding decorative flair to your home, creating personalized hearts is a fantastic way to show someone you care or make unique and thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

Once complete, you can hang up and admire your heart’s beauty. This easy and fun craft project is a great way to show someone you care. So the next time you find a spare gum wrapper lying around, follow these steps instead and create something truly memorable and impactful – we guarantee it!

From the Heart

Making a heart from gum wrappers is an enjoyable, straightforward craft that takes only minutes to complete. Perfect for children expressing their creativity or adults looking for a quick DIY project, making a gum wrapper heart will impress as decoration or gift for someone special in your life!

Begin by opening and removing the wrapper. Once you have a rectangular piece to work with, fold it lengthwise to form a crease along its middle; this will serve as the basis of your heart shape.

Fold the top and bottom corners into the center crease of your heart shape to give it a more rounded, symmetrical appearance and make it appear more polished and professional.

Once you have the heart shape you desire, the next step is to secure it. To do this, find the midpoint of the folded edge and pinch gently; beware not to push too hard, as this could alter its form.

Continue folding the edges of your heart until it’s entirely formed, using your fingers to tuck in two of its bottom corners for an enhanced 3D effect. This will give it more of an authentic appearance.

Finally, use scissors to trim off any extra wrapper that protrudes outside the heart shape and smooth out any rough edges or corners that need smoothing. Your gum wrapper heart is now complete and ready to be used!

Secure the Heart

Once your heart has been formed, you are ready to secure it and give it the finishing touch. Take each pointy corner and fold it towards the center crease – this will round out its shape more symmetrically and help create an asymmetrical heart design.

After folding one corner of your gum wrapper heart, repeat this step on the opposite side for added symmetry. Now, your gum wrapper heart can be used to decorate a room or given as a gift; perhaps experiment with other materials and designs, like adding ribbons or beads for an original touch!

To secure the heart, use glue or tape to ensure its placement and keep folds from unraveling over time. A plastic card can help sharpen creases for an elegant and professional finish.

Once your heart is complete, share it on social media! We would love to see what creations come out of your hands. For even more crafting ideas, check out our other paper folding projects, such as How To Make Paper Crown? or Fortune Teller Paper; plus, stay tuned because we are always adding exciting DIY projects onto our site!

Add a Chain

Making a heart from a gum wrapper is an enjoyable and straightforward craft project that makes a great decoration or present. Ideal for anyone who appreciates crafting with their hands, creating one is also a great way to engage children while doing chores or homework!

As with any craft project, the first step should be acquiring a clean wrapper free from excess gum. You may wish to personalize the design by choosing different colors or patterns for the heart shape – making it more unique and beautiful! Folding can begin once all excess gum has been removed from the wrapper. Care must be taken when folding so that creases and folds are uniformed and precise to create a symmetrical shape.

Once the first two folds have been completed, you can start creating the shape of a heart by folding the right side over itself at its middle crease before repeating this procedure with the left side to create its form. Once this step has been accomplished, shape it by folding the right and left sides over themselves at their respective middle creases to complete your heart formation!

Fold the corners diagonally along the center crease of your heart to align at its base, giving it a more rounded appearance and looking more professional.

Fold the top edges down to ensure your heart’s stability and secure it against undoing. A tape may help reinforce folds that might otherwise undo themselves over time.