How to Heat Totino’s Party Pizza in a Microwave


Totino’s party pizzas can be heated either in an oven or microwave; just follow proper preparation and cooking instructions.

Example: Defrost frozen pizzas and remove plastic wrap before heating in a microwave oven for 3 to 4 minutes.

How to Cook

Totino’s frozen pizzas are some of the quickest and delectable frozen options on the market, beloved for their flavorful toppings and crisp crust. While their website recommends toasting or baking rather than microwaving, for optimal results it is important to follow instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent soggy crust.

Microwaving Totino’s pizza requires three simple steps. First, remove it from its packaging and place it on a microwave-safe plate, before microwaving for three to four minutes on high. For best results use plates made of materials that can withstand high temperatures such as Pyrex or Corelle plates.

Although microwave pizza-making may be quick and convenient, its results do not compare to those produced by an oven. Furthermore, too much moisture evaporating from its contents during heating may cause it to become soggy – one reason many prefer baking their pizza in an oven over using the microwave method.

An alternative method for cooking pizza is an air-fryer, a type of toaster oven equipped with a fan to maintain crispiness in food. To use one, remove your pizza from its packaging and place one piece on each slice in the tray or basket of your air-fryer.


Microwavable pizza can be an easy and time-saving meal option when time is tight, yet proper preparation must be observed if frozen pizzas are to remain soggy or taste unpleasant due to being improperly heated by microwave ovens. Furthermore, many ingredients could become affected by heat exposure which results in unpleasant flavors or burnt parts on the pizza itself.

To avoid this issue, microwave Tino’s pizza must be cooked using the appropriate plate and microwave settings. Furthermore, only purchase pizza stuffers designed specifically for microwave cooking as other varieties could lead to less-than-desirable textures or an unintentional build-up of grease on its crust.

The first step to making a microwave totino’s pizza: remove it from its packaging and place it on a microwave-safe plate or dish. This will help prevent the pizza from leaking while also heating more evenly; select plates made of heat-resistant materials like Corelle or Pyrex for optimal results.

Turn your microwave onto “high,” and thaw your frozen pizza until the cheese has completely melted, at which time you can add any desired toppings, such as sauteed onions, bell peppers, and olives; cooked meats (such as pepperoni or last night’s leftover chicken); extra mozzarella or other good melting cheeses; as well as fresh herbs like basil or oregano.

Cooking Instructions

Microwaving Totino’s pizza may not be the ideal way to heat it as the dough won’t fully cook through and its crust may become soggy. However, microwave heating may still be an efficient solution if you are short on time or no oven is available; take special care in wrapping individual slices in foil or parchment paper before heating, and use a kitchen thermometer to ensure it reaches 160 degrees F internal temperature before taking action.

To ensure a more tasty crust, ensure your microwave has a crisper setting. While cooking times may differ depending on the type of pizza, aim to heat it for around four minutes in your microwave before taking it out of the oven as any longer could lead to burning or unappetizing results.

Totino’s pizza and rolls can be easily microwaved when time is of the essence, thanks to their convenient microwave ovens. Place frozen pizza onto a medium lasagna pan made of glass or ceramic, a microwave plate or a crisper pan – crisper pans provide added moisture control that prevents soggy pizza. Check your box carefully as baking instructions may suggest toasting or baking instead of microwaving for best results.


Totino’s party pizzas are tasty enough on their own, but for added flair, you can customize your experience by customizing with toppings of your choosing – everything from ketchup and sour cream to chopped green or black olives or grated Parmesan or feta cheese can make your pizzas truly unique!

Microwave ovens use rapid vibration of water molecules to rapidly heat food, creating an uneven distribution of heat that results in some spots losing water faster and crispier crusts than with conventional ovens, while other areas remain soft. Conventional ovens cook more slowly and evenly with even results for crispier crusts.

Use your microwave’s crisp setting to ensure that Totinos are crispy and not soggy when baking in the microwave. Or purchase a crisper pan designed specifically for use in microwaves to keep pizzas crispy during their preparation process.

For an even crispier texture, consider baking your pizzas in the oven instead of the microwave. Preheat it to 450 F and use a sturdy pan capable of withstanding high temperatures; for added crunchiness use a broiler setting in the oven if possible for further browning and crispiness.