How to Get the Most Out of Your Google Pixel Phone


Whether you are in the market for a new smartphone or looking for a replacement for your current model, the Google Pixel Phone has a lot to offer. Besides its stunning design and powerful features, it also has a solid battery life and excellent image quality.

Battery life

Using a Google Pixel phone can be an exciting experience, but your battery life may not live up to your expectations. Here are some tips to make the most of your Pixel battery.

The Google Pixel has a battery saver feature that automatically turns off your phone when it is over 90% charged. However, the feature is not the most efficient way to keep your battery powered up.

It can be difficult to identify which apps are causing your Pixel to drain your battery, but some apps drain the most juice, especially games. If you use apps from smaller developers, you may want to look into battery-friendly alternatives.

Using the latest version of Android software can make a big difference. You should also try to avoid using your phone in direct sunlight.

Image quality

Known for its camera and AI, Google’s Pixel phones are capable of producing some pretty amazing shots. This is in no small part due to its software, which uses machine learning and computational photography to take advantage of the phone’s hardware.

Google’s most impressive photo editing tool is the Magic Eraser, a feature that lets users remove unwanted objects and people with a simple tap. The company’s ML and DL algorithms have been trained to remove background clutter and blur people in a photo.

The Pixel 6 also has a few new photo editing tricks, including Motion Mode, which adds long exposure effects to static images. This mode is useful for action shots.

It also has a new 4K video recording capability. It has a cool new feature called Action Pan that lets you zoom in on a moving subject without blurring the background.

Stabilization technology

Optical image stabilization (OIS) is a camera stabilization feature that is implemented on many smartphones. Its purpose is to counter the camera shake that results from fast-moving subjects. Although OIS can help reduce blur caused by fast-moving subjects, it cannot completely eliminate it.

In contrast, Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) analyzes the motion of the camera and attempts to correct each frame to maintain smooth motion. This method requires more computation than OIS but can correct larger movements. The final stabilization quality is dependent on the algorithm design.

Google Pixel 2 cameras use advanced algorithms to predict and stabilize camera motion. A new feature called Fused Video Stabilization corrects four of the most common issues caused by motion in smartphone video. It can eliminate the need to carry a gimbal mount or hold the phone while recording.


Getting the design of Google Pixel right was crucial. Google’s design team had to make sure that they could get the right mix of style and functionality. They were also worried about how users would react to the phone. They had to appeal to both the mainstream and the savvy crowd.

The most important element of the Pixel design was its power button. It had to stand out in a sea of phones and look good while doing so. The team opted for a sleek, yet textured finish to achieve this. They also decided to give the power button a color that would catch the eye.

The team also experimented with different groove patterns. This feature helps users find the power button, as well as the volume rocker.


Whether you’re thinking about buying the Google Pixel phone or selling your own, there are some key considerations. The first is the price. You’ll find that the Pixel series has a higher price than other Google phones, but there are some notable benefits.

The Pixel 3A is a good phone, but it’s not quite as competitive as the Pixel 4A or the Pixel 5G. The Pixel 5A’s price has dropped, and it’s often available for as low as $400.

The Pixel 6 has a distinctive design and is one of the best value phones available. It offers a great display and processor. The camera is also a plus, as are the software features.

Those looking for the best price for the Google Pixel phone should look online. These stores will offer competitive offers and free shipping. They also offer peace of mind.