How to Fix a Screen Door


If your screen door has become inoperable, you will need to repair it. There are a few different steps you can take. You can try removing the screen, installing a spline, replacing the screen, or fixing the rollers. These steps will help you fix your screen door so that it will work like new again.

Removing the screen

First, you will need to remove the screws holding the screen door to the track and hinges. The screws should be near the corners of the door. Gently remove them. Care must be taken not to puncture the screen or damage the door frame. Once the screws have been removed, remove the screen door from its track.

The next step is to install the new screen. You will need to cut the screen to overlap the frame edges slightly, but not too much. After cutting the screen, you must carefully lift it back into the frame. You can use an Exacto knife or box cutter to do this.

Installing a spline

When installing a spline to fix sagging screen doors, it is imperative to measure both the screen material and the door frame so that you can purchase the correct size. You should purchase screening material that is more comprehensive than the screen door and longer than the door frame. This extra inch will allow you to fix the door properly. After you measure and cut the replacement screen, you should place it in the door frame and roll it up. You can also use spring clamps to secure it to the door.

Once you have the screen in place, install the spline. You can use a spline roller tool to make this process easier. First, place the screen on a large flat surface. Measure the screen by half an inch to ensure it overhangs the frame evenly. Then, cut a spline about half an inch more significant than the spline groove. Then, push the spline into the frame with a spline roller. You can also cut the spline with a utility knife. Remember to cut toward the outside edge of the spline groove so you don’t cut the newly installed screen fabric.

Replacing the screen

Replacing the screen door on a patio screen door requires you to follow some simple steps. First, you should carefully lay out the screen door on a flat surface, with the back of the screen facing toward you. Once you have done this, you need to secure the door to the floor or table. Next, you need to locate the spline, which secures the mesh edge to the door. The spline can be removed using a flathead screwdriver.

To remove the screen, first, remove the spline that holds it in place around the door frame. You can reuse the spline if it is in good shape. Next, take a utility knife and cut away the excess spline from the screen, making sure to cut the spline toward the outer edge of the panel.

Repairing the rollers

There are several ways to repair the rollers of a screen door. First, remove the rollers from the hinges. Once you’ve removed them, place them on a work table. Make sure that they match the frame of the door. The most common rollers are nylon bottom and spring tension rollers made of steel. To install new rollers, simply follow the same steps as you did when removing the old ones.

If the rollers are stuck in their track, you may need to replace the tracks. This may be because the tracks have become warped. If so, you can replace the tracks according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If the rollers aren’t the problem, you can try cleaning the sliding mechanism and replacing the rollers on the frame.

Repairing the hinges

If you notice that your screen door isn’t functioning correctly, you should check its hinges. They’ve most likely become worn down. To fix this problem, you can lubricate them. This can be done easily. However, if your hinges are awful, you may have to replace them. Thankfully, replacing hinges is a relatively simple process.

First, you need to lubricate the hinges. A home supply store can purchase a silicone spray for under $5. Just apply it with a rag to avoid staining the screen. You can also use a non-messy type of grease.

Repairing the screen on a wooden door

Repairing the screen on a wooden door requires two steps. First, you need to remove the old screen. After removing it, you should check the joints of the frame. If they are weak, you can reinforce them by using braces. Secondly, you need to align the new screen with the frame. The top of the screen should be at least an inch above the opening. Next, you must attach the new screen using staples placed every two inches.

You can repair the screen on a wooden door using three essential tools. First, you need to remove the self-closing hinges. You can use a screwdriver to remove them. You can then insert a pry bar behind the retaining strips. The key is ensuring that the retaining strips are not ripped off during the removal process.

Replacing the screen on a retractable screen door

Replacing the screen on a retractable door is relatively easy, but there are a few steps to take first. First, you should remove the screen door from the bottom sill. This can be tricky, especially if it is made of aluminum, which has several screws.

Next, unscrew the top section of the screen door and lay it flat on a clean surface. Remove the two long outside screws that hold the housing on the screen. Some models have a screw in the end cap of the slider bar, so be careful when removing the screen.