How Much Is in Spanish?


An understanding of Spanish pricing techniques will put you on the path to successful shopping in Spain. In this article, you’ll learn various approaches for asking about prices and typical responses you might hear back.

“Cuanto vale?” You might hear this phrase while enjoying tacos at a food stall or strolling through a market.


No matter where your travels in Spain may lead you, knowing how much something costs can be handy when purchasing from markets and shops. Learning Spanish may help prevent falling victim to tourist traps that lead to overpayment – using words such as cuanto, cuanta, and cuantos can do the trick nicely!

Cuanto, quanta, and como are question words often used to formulate statements but can also serve as relative pronouns if used without an accent mark as relative pronouns; when doing so, they must always agree in gender and number with whatever noun it refers to – for example: how many workers were destructed during the civil war or “How many hours of work did you put in yesterday” etc.

Cuanto in English translates to how much; however, as is often the case when making inquiries in Spanish, its interpretation will depend on what noun comes after it. For example, if an uncountable noun follows it, cuanto refers to how much is present, while for countable ones, it becomes cuantos (how many).

Another use for cuanto is as a prefix to another verb, referring to how long something takes. For example, if you need to know how long it will take you to walk from one end of a city to another, ask:?Cuanto tiempo dura es el camino? Or?Cuantos das necesitaran para llegar a la ciudad? May help.

How Can You Say ‘How Much is this in Spanish?”

When asking the price of a particular object or service in Spanish, one way of asking about its cost is through “Cuanto Cuesta? or informal versions such as Cuanto Vale?”.

Remember that verbs in Spanish must agree with their subject, so if you are talking about multiple products simultaneously, your phraseology needs to adapt accordingly. For instance, when speaking about two products, you would say? Cuantos valen? vs? Cuantos llevan?

To inquire about the price of an entire meal or party, use the phrase?Cuanto cuesta una cena? Alternatively, for more formal inquiries, use the?Cuanto cuesta la comida?