How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost For Small Business?


Size matters when it comes to social media marketing costs. A business’ size will determine its goals for social media campaigns and which platforms and audiences it should target for promotion. Find the Best SMM Panel.

Social media marketing aims to increase traffic and sales. To do this effectively requires an experienced team of marketers with relevant skill sets.


Social media marketing can be an excellent way to build consumer relationships but can be costly. Luckily, there are ways to reduce costs; one such method is targeting specific consumer groups – this promotion has proven highly successful as you only pay for ads that reach the right people!

At first, you should identify and profile your target demographic to decide what kind of content and advertising to provide them. Once done, allocate your budget accordingly. Likewise, determine which platforms your audience prefers most frequently (for instance, if most use YouTube) to focus your advertising dollars there.

Time is of the utmost importance regarding social media marketing, with 43 percent of small business owners allotting six hours out of each five-day workweek for this activity. Make sure you have the resources available to conduct it effectively.

Small businesses should consider hiring freelancers as an alternative means to manage social media accounts and save significant sums of money. Freelancers typically charge between $50-$80 an hour and can help you manage all social media channels effectively.


The cost of running a social media campaign varies with the size and complexity of your business, according to the Small Business Administration’s recommendations of allocating 7-8 percent of gross revenue as marketing costs; however, many local businesses find this too high; they opt instead for a lower budget. There are various strategies available to them for cutting their marketing costs; one option would be hiring an external third-party manager who will handle social media posts themselves – this approach can save both money and time, especially true for smaller enterprises that cannot afford in-house marketers.

As part of your Instagram advertising cost-cutting efforts, please limit the number of clicks your ad receives by restricting its exposure. This way, you won’t waste money paying for clicks from people not interested in what your product or service offers. Remember that Instagram ad costs can differ based on season and day of the week – for instance, holiday and memorable event ads typically incur more excellent ad prices.

One additional hidden cost associated with social media marketing is your time investment in it. Without prior experience or expert guidance, properly executing a strategy may take considerable effort and time that could otherwise be better utilized elsewhere in your business.


Beginning social media marketing can be challenging. There are many variables to consider – from how aggressive of an approach you wish to take and your overall digital marketing budget to the amount your campaign should cost.

An important consideration when setting a social media marketing budget for your business is setting realistic goals and objectives, from increasing brand recognition to driving leads or sales. Furthermore, selecting an achievable timeline can prove crucial; trying to accomplish too much too soon could prove counterproductive.

One common strategy businesses employ to reach large audiences quickly and efficiently is hiring a social media marketing agency. While this approach may work effectively for larger enterprises, smaller ones might find this costly. According to VerticalResponse surveys, 43 percent of small business owners allot six hours of their five-day workweek to social media marketing efforts.

Another alternative to outsourcing social media management is creating and running it yourself, though this requires time and resources to do it successfully. Tools like Hootsuite, Agorapulse, or Sprout Social will cost money; also, paid ads management typically ranges between $1,000-$4,000 monthly, depending on its complexity.


Many business owners need help with the costs associated with social media marketing, both financially and in terms of time spent doing it themselves. Social media can take up significant resources when managed without outside help; freelancers could create and manage content on your behalf for an additional fee, but any attempt at DIY will most likely fail.

The cost of running ads on LinkedIn depends on the type and target audience of ads selected; photo advertisements typically cost $6.59 per thousand impressions, while Sponsored InMail campaigns cost $0.80 for every message sent out. Furthermore, you must establish a minimum budget of $10 for every campaign run.

No matter which ad type you opt for, monitoring its return on investment (ROI) is crucial to see if your money is well spent. ROI measures how well your social media marketing expenses compare against profits generated.

If you want to increase your return on investment (ROI), hiring an agency specialized in social media marketing could be the answer. Many agencies specialize in digital advertising and can assist with creating an in-depth marketing plan to match your goals and objectives while monitoring your account regularly to provide regular reports of its progress.

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