How Do I Make Snow Ice Cream?


Just three ingredients and 15 minutes will give you a fantastic snow day treat! Grab a bowl, a spoon, and some snow! Read the Best info about بستنی ساز نیکنام.

Set out a large bowl of clean snow—the fresher, the better—add your desired toppings, and indulge! This is the ideal remedy to combat cabin fever.


You can make this fun treat without needing an ice cream maker or freezer! Grab some fresh snow and your favorite toppings, and you can create your dessert in seconds!

Snow Ice Cream has long been a classic winter treat. To create it at home, only three ingredients are required: snow, milk, and vanilla. Add chocolate or peanut butter toppings or cookies for even more variety!

In order to create this unique ice cream recipe, first gather about 8 cups of fresh snow (preferably the lightest and whitest variety) using either a shaved ice machine or a manual method. After this step is completed, pour milk and vanilla extracts over the snow in a bowl, mixing until everything has come together; keep stirring to incorporate all elements together; although the final result may be more watery than traditional ice cream, it should still the structure and taste that makes ice cream enjoyable!

Suppose you plan on serving this with other ingredients. In that case, it’s a good idea to incorporate those right before serving in order to prevent too rapid melting and allow the flavors to combine more harmoniously. Some ideas for additions could include:


Step one is gathering clean snow. Aim for fresh, fluffy snow that no one has trodden on after it falls, preferably shortly after a snowfall. Be quick in scooping it before it melts away – using either a bowl or leaving out an old pot will work perfectly well to catch any that accumulates naturally.

Once you have collected enough clean snow, bring it indoors to combine it with other ingredients. This can be accomplished using either a bowl or, for an easier approach, a food processor with a whisk attachment to create loosely whipped cream—this will combine both snow and milk perfectly, producing creamy results!

Sweetened condensed milk helps hold together rapidly melting snow. Vanilla extract adds excellent flavor, and adding a pinch of salt will boost its impact further.

Now, you are ready to create snow ice cream! Add any variety of mix-ins you desire – sprinkles, chocolate chips, fruit, graham crackers, or cookies are great additions – or use the snow ice cream as the topping of another dessert! It’s best if the add-ins are added before mixing milk is complete, though folding may also work. For an adults-only treat, add rum, bourbon, or cold coffee for frozen espresso martini-esque treats!


Snow ice cream should be devoured after being prepared. Its texture changes after prolonged storage and needs to be fluffed before serving to restore its original texture. This saves time when serving it immediately after preparation.

Snow can make an enjoyable frozen treat. Making snow with kids can be fun and can be used with various add-ins for added variety and refreshments compared to traditional ice cream.

Although there are countless variations available, most recipes for snow ice cream include these ingredients:

Evaporated milk or half-and-half, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract are key components in this dish. Granulated sugar sweetens it, while vanilla adds its classic flavor.

Snow ice creams can also be enhanced with additional flavors, such as food coloring, cocoa powder, zest and spices, and even liqueur! Mix-ins such as sprinkles, crumbled cookies/cakes/brownies, cubed brownies, graham crackers, jam, and shredded coconut are also often added for an added layer.

When collecting snow for an ice cream recipe, only fresh and clean snow must be accumulated. To do so, carefully collect only from the top layer, avoiding any that have melted away or been compromised with contaminants. In order to account for possible melting that might occur during the mixing process, be sure to gather additional snow than required in case any sudden melting occurs during the production process.


Create the ultimate snow day treat quickly and effortlessly! Combine supple snow with sweetened condensed milk for an irresistibly creamy dessert that won’t overload your sweet tooth. Kids and the entire family alike will appreciate this fun recipe; adding some colorful sprinkles adds even more excitement!

Substituting other ingredients in place of milk and sugar to achieve different flavors is easy. Evaporated milk (half and half), granulated sugar, or any milk will work just fine; I find using sweetened condensed milk gives it a more traditional ice cream texture and flavor; adding salt will further amplify it!

Ideal snow for this recipe should be fresh snow that has just fallen, which can be accomplished by setting out a bowl or pan outside to collect this fresh and clean snowfall. Doing this will guarantee you get the highest-grade product for this dish.

Once your snow has been collected, place it in a large bowl with milk, sugar, and vanilla and combine well to achieve the desired consistency. If additional snow is necessary to reach the desired consistency, add more to get the desired result. You may serve it immediately or store it in the freezer until later consumption; just be sure to store it in an airtight freezer-friendly container or bag to preserve the quality of taste! Storing in the freezer ensures smooth sailing.