How did Doctors Network get started?


Doctors Network is an organization that provides dental and primary care plans to individuals that give them access to a variety of discounted medical services. It was created in 2017 by medical care providers tired of dealing with third-party insurance companies when seeing patients, and it works as a way to expedite the payment process for treatments. This allows more patients to have access to the medical care they need.

Doctors Network not only makes payments more affordable for patients, but it also makes life easier for doctors and dentists. With a Doctors Network care plan, providers can set their rates and say goodbye to complicated insurance contracts.

How Do Doctors Network Work?

After paying a one-time signup fee and a small monthly fee determined by your general dentist or healthcare provider, you will gain access to highly reduced dental and medical costs. Doctors Network can be thought of as a membership program that allows patients to save up to 90% on medical expenses.

Payments made with Doctors Network are made directly between the medical care provider and the patient, allowing patients and doctors to develop closer bonds and greater trust. Patients can collaborate with their dentist and doctor to create the perfect plan without having to deal with a faceless insurance company.

To get started, go to and click “Find A Doctor” to find providers in your area who are part of the company’s network. If you would rather stay with your current doctor or dentist, you can apply to be a Doctors Network member by applying to Doctors Network.

How Much Does It Cost?

Most Doctors Network plans range from $9.99 to $39.99 per month in late 2023, depending on the coverage you need and the provider you work with. Once you’ve signed up for a plan, the costs of dental and general medical treatments are significantly reduced.

To figure out the exact prices of the medical treatments you need, take a look at the Doctors Network dental, primary care, and pediatric fee schedules available on the company’s website. Specific procedures are even offered for free, though most are offered at a reduced price of 40-90%.

For a more accessible estimation of your dental expenses, you can use the dental expenses calculator available on the website’s homepage. Check off which procedures you need and take a look at the estimated cost with a Doctors Network dental plan compared to the price without. You will also see an estimation of how much money you’ll be saving.

How Does Doctors Network Compare to Traditional Insurance?

Insurance companies often deny claims, charge high deductibles, and offer low-quality care, all while assigning individuals high monthly premiums. The companies only use a portion of that premium to pay medical providers. The rest is given to shareholders, used as management bonuses, or put toward advertising for the insurance company.

Besides that, insurance plans may only sometimes cover the medical treatments you need, forcing you to either pass up necessary medical care or pay exorbitant out-of-pocket fees.

Traditional dental insurance plans generally have a maximum cap on the coverage they will provide per year. In many cases, even the whole range is inadequate. Doctors Network solves this problem by offering members unlimited discounted resources. No matter how many dental and medical procedures you need throughout the year, you can pay a reduced fee with Doctors Network.

Traditional insurance plans also have extensive eligibility rules and qualifications that limit the people accepted by the plan. Doctors Network provides healthcare plans for everyone, no matter your health condition, your age, or your household income.

How Can You Benefit From Doctors Network If You Already Have Insurance?

Remember, Doctors Network is not insurance but can be used as a placeholder for those without coverage. Although Doctors Network primarily helps those without insurance, insurance holders can still benefit from an additional affordable medical or dental plan.

Health insurance companies often charge expensive copays and deductibles for cosmetic or elective procedures. Even specific techniques necessary to your health can lead to denied claims and medical bills. If your insurance has coverage gaps, a Doctors Network plan can fill those gaps, ensuring that any medical or dental procedure you need now and in the future will be available and affordable.

Whether or not you already have health insurance, Doctors Network can take away the burden of paying outrageous out-of-pocket fees for the care you need. If you’re looking for an affordable way to receive dental and general maintenance, give Doctors Network a try. It only takes a few clicks to start saving!

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