How BRB Travel Reviews Can Help Young Urban Professionals Travel the World


The BRB Travel Reviews website has been in operation since 2012. The site features reviews of popular travel destinations worldwide, as well as a comparison of the service to other subscription-based travel platforms. Its mission is to help young urban professionals travel the world in style and has partnered with tour companies and hotels across North America, Europe, and South America. Recently, BRB Travel has expanded to South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Comparison with other subscription-based travel platforms

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify have moved to subscription-based services, but the travel industry is lagging. While Netflix has been around for years, Caravello and it’s like have gotten a late start. Netflix has a strong following among millennials and is already available on mobile, while Spotify has yet to find the right audience. This is where subscription-based travel services can help.

Subscription-based travel models have the potential to reshape the industry and secure predictable revenue streams. Instead of the transaction relationship between a company and its customer, subscription services focus on building long-term relationships with consumers. They also focus on personalization. Travel subscriptions should be designed to offer value year-round, not just during peak travel seasons. For instance, a subscription to travel magazines should include exclusive discounts and educational tools for frequent travellers.

Another advantage of subscription-based travel is flexibility. When you subscribe to an airline, you get early boarding and free checked bags. Some popular subscription-based travel sites offer benefits beyond just travel, including hotel stays. These membership benefits have inspired many travel companies to experiment with these services. But despite their advantages, there are some important downsides. If you are unsure whether these plans are right for you, check your airline’s policies before committing to them.