Hot She Fashion Reviews


Before shopping online, you must verify the website has a TLS certificate, ensuring your personal and payment data remain safe.

Like its sister site ROMWE, hot she fashion offers fashion items resembling those sold by Sincerely Jules or Nasty Gal for much less money – although two-star reviews and mixed imagery may doubt its legitimacy.

Online Shopping

When considering high-end fashion purchases, online fashion shopping may not immediately come to mind. Still, more people than ever are using sites like SheIn to post reviews about their assets – from fashion influencers and teens and young adults alike – including some truly awful customer experiences such as receiving an item covered in dog hair or made with inferior materials. Unfortunately, there have been cases like these.

SheIn, which operates out of China, boasts of expedited shipping and 24 hour processing time – yet many customers report waiting months for their items. Furthermore, its website contains random images taken from everywhere, from street style blogger Sincerely Jules to Nasty Gal, and prices that seem excessive for the quality of clothing.

ROMWE has also earned negative SheIn fashion reviews due to its over 719,000 Facebook followers and comparable prices. Similar to SheIn, it also promotes fast 24-hour shipping, but its customers report their orders taking months to arrive and sometimes not having access to tracking numbers. Furthermore, many items listed are final sales to prevent returns.

Customer Service

While SheIn is popular among fashion influencers and teenagers, you will also encounter many unhappy customers. Some even take to YouTube to vent about their bad experiences – one such video has amassed over 10,000 views! Other complaints allege unethical practices, including violating child labor laws in China. SheIn acknowledges these issues are taken seriously with rigorous quality control measures being put in place.

Returns and Refunds

Although SheIn does not reveal its location, many of the same concerns raised against ROMWE, such as low prices and imagery stolen from blogs like Sincerely Jules or Nasty Gal, are present here, and reviews being swapped out for five-star ratings instead of being removed altogether.

SheIn is beloved among many fashion influencers, but plenty of scary reviews online indicate otherwise. One reviewer claimed their dress arrived covered with dog hair, while another complained SheIn was selling old merchandise as new; others claimed the quality wasn’t up to par; for these reasons, we do not advise buying from SheIn.


Many SheIn customers have expressed displeasure with the quality of clothing received. One customer claims she received a dress covered in dog hair, while another reports receiving cheap clothing. Although SheIn does not directly address these complaints with customers, they do promise high-quality materials are used when producing clothes made by SheIn and offer free shipping when orders over $79. What a fantastic deal!