Holographic Car Wrap


Holographic car wraps add an eye-catching aesthetic that sets your vehicle apart from the competition, yet are cost-effective, easily installed, durable, repositionable with heat for bubble-free application, and durable enough for flat or curved surfaces.

Holographic wraps protect the original paint while providing additional defense against scratches, chips, and minor abrasions – plus, they can even increase the resale value of your vehicle!

XhuangTech Holographic Laser Black Chrome

Holographic chrome that makes an impact. This material is only for conceptual use and may never go into production, explicitly designed to be cut graphics & advertising without full wraps. Expected longevity of 2.5 years; made up of two layers; the top one featuring the holographic effect finish and underneath an adhesive 1.5 mil thick that must be peeled off separately during the removal process; featuring VViViD Natural air release technology with Centerpoint technology and heat fuse capabilities.

Holographic Rainbow Neo Chrome

This eye-catching vinyl car wrap features a vibrant chrome rainbow effect over an amber-orange base, creating an eye-catching display as the light hits it. Perfect for body panels, hoods, mirrors, and spoilers on vehicles of any make and model, easy installation and removal ensure maximum protection from scratches and UV damage.

Apart from its beauty, this holographic rainbow chrome vehicle wrap is also highly functional. It serves as a protective layer against minor damages to the original paintwork, helping keep it looking brand new for years. Furthermore, its abrasion resistance makes it suitable for all weather conditions; additionally, it can easily be cleaned using mild soap and water for maintenance and upkeep.

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Introducing this holographic rainbow chrome vehicle wrap, perfect for car enthusiasts looking to give their vehicles an individual and premium appearance without incurring the high costs of complete re-paint jobs. This vinyl can be applied anywhere on your car, from its hood to trunk, in multiple colors for an effortless application that doesn’t damage the original paintwork; it is easily installed and removed with no residue damage to the original paint, plus UV protection. Providing lasting coverage ensures lasting effects!

VViViD(r) Black Holographic Chrome

VViViD Hologram Chrome Wrap was developed as an economical and long-lasting alternative to paint, boasting an easy micro-finished surface that makes cleaning and maintenance simple, offering impressive grime and scratch resistance that lasts 4-7 years outdoors and up to 10 indoors. Installation is quick and accessible, even for beginners; Air Release and Heat Fuse technologies help conform this film easily around curves no matter the shape of your vehicle.

These chrome holographic wraps are perfect for giving blackout grilles, door handles, window trims, and other smaller parts a unique new look that will have people talking. They can even be applied to larger pieces to give your ride an unforgettable appearance and turn heads everywhere they pass.

This color is part of a limited edition run and will only go into production if there is sufficient customer interest in its production. It consists of two layers; the top features an eye-catching holographic effect, while its adhesive backing can separate during removal.

Tek Art Gloss Carbon films are easy to clean, durable, and chemical-resistant for indoor use. They can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit while remaining UV-protected to resist fading over time – perfect for any environment!