Hodges Family Funeral Home and Cremation Center


Hodges Family Funeral Home and Cremation Center of Dade City, Florida, provides full-service funeral and cemetery care with two chapels: Dade City 301 Chapel and Zephyrhills Chapel – each dedicated to treating every family with respect, dignity, integrity, and compassion.

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Margie Kirksey (Cobb)

Margie Kirksey touched many lives during her lifetime. As a dedicated wife and mother, caring teacher, and tireless volunteer, Margie left lasting impressions on all she encountered. Her family will miss her dearly but will cherish the memories she left behind – Curtis Kirksey and her sons Mark, Randy, and Scott are survivors. Her memorial service will occur at their Dade City residence on Wednesday, January 10, at 3 p.m.

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Cremation involves breaking the body into bone fragments before scattering them in an earth burial site or columbarium. While cremation may be more expensive than traditional burial options, it can save families money while protecting the environment.

Carol “Diane” McKendree

Hodges Family Funeral Home and Cremation Center of Dade City, Florida, provides full-service funeral arrangements. Their compassionate staff members understand each family has individual requests and traditions which need to be accommodated; Hodges offers burial, cremation, and memorial packages along with pre-planning services to make life’s transition as smooth as possible for their clients.

Chapel Hill Gardens Cemetery and Floral Memory Gardens offer two cemeteries that offer beautifully landscaped spaces where to honor loved ones’ memories. At our funeral home, it is our aim to treat each family like they were our own, helping them find an appropriate way to remember and memorialize departed members of their own.

Funeral homes also feature memorial parks that are open and free for public use. The park offers beautiful trees and benches for restful resting spots and a large pond where visitors can stroll. Open from sunrise to sunset, its service is entirely free.

Sun City Center Memorial Park offers another serene memorial garden with plenty of shade trees and a pond, making it an excellent location for wedding ceremonies and social gatherings.

As her obituary indicates, Carol “Diane” McKendree will be missed dearly by her family. She was an active St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church member and served on its church council, becoming part of its parish family council in 2018. Her name will live on in our hearts always.

Betty Joyce Sullivan of Ft. Meade, Florida, passed away June 27, 2023, after an illness that was brought on by cancer. She is survived by her beloved husband Bill; children Christy (husband Perry), PJ, Luke and Lennea as well as sisters Deborah McMillen and Sandra Monette as well as brother Buddy as well as many family members and friends. Funeral Mass for Betty took place Monday, May 9 at noon at Hodges Family Funeral Home & Cremation Center of Dade City at Chapel 301 of Hodges Family Funeral Home & Crema Center Dade City for her.

Patrick Mike Murray

Patrick Murray, a loving and devoted husband, father, brother, and friend, passed away peacefully on December 7th 2021. A graduate of Fairport Rochester High School with over thirty years in sales experience working for various New York City companies before making Honesdale his new home and continuing his success both professionally as well as personally with his family and community.

Patrick had an innate talent for lifting those around him with his open heart and welcoming spirit, his selfless generosity being one of his enduring qualities that his closest loved ones will remember most fondly about him. From music performances to his dedication to Honesdale boys basketball team – Patrick always found ways to make everyone around him feel included and appreciated.

Patrick was an ardent sports fan, cheering for the New Jersey Devils, Knicks, and Mets. Additionally, he found great pleasure in spending his free time outdoors and traveling with his wife, daughter and friends – often taking their beloved dog along for hikes or boat rides with them.

He leaves behind his beloved wife and son, as well as loving aunts and uncles such as Dick and Barbara Rambo; aunts and uncles including Paulette Dupont. All who knew and loved him will miss him deeply.

Hodges Family Funeral Home and Cremation Center is a locally-owned funeral home that strives to offer compassionate care at competitive prices. We provide traditional funeral services, cremation services, and two cemeteries: Chapel Hill Gardens and Floral Memory Gardens. Our staff is committed to treating every family with respect, dignity, and kindness. We recognize each family has unique requests and traditions which need to be honored, so our experienced team works closely with you to accomplish this task. Dade City and Zephyrhills Chapels provide services tailored to our West Tampa clients’ individual needs and wishes, making the entire process as pain-free as possible.

Pierre Leigh Thomas

Pierre Leigh Thomas of Dade City, Florida, was 89 years old at his death on January 22. Born in Vermont Illinois, he served in the Navy E6 Medical Corps during WWII and afterward joined Greater Tampa Realtors Association, Paralyzed Veterans Association and also founded Mission Bell Day Lily Farms.

Hodges Family Funeral Home and Cremation Center provides various funeral and memorial services tailored to fit every family’s individual needs, with services designed to treat families with dignity, integrity, compassion, and respect. Their team of seasoned professionals understand that each family has individual requests and traditions to observe when honoring a life lived by one they’ve known or cared about. Together we will work towards crafting an experience that keeps your loved one while celebrating life.

This funeral home’s Dade City and Zephyrhills chapels can be found adjacent to Chapel Hill Gardens cemetery. At the same time, its Zephyrhills facility on West 54 is known for personalized service at reasonable prices. Our team is highly trained and passionate about serving their local communities.

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