Hiking Dresses


Hiking dresses are lightweight and pack down small, making them an excellent option for summer travel. Furthermore, hiking dresses provide a more excellent range of motion than trousers or shorts can and help keep you cool and comfortable in hotter temperatures.

The CHICHO Workout Dress is constructed of nylon and spandex for an elastic and moisture-wicking experience, complete with built-in shorts for extra coverage when hiking through challenging terrain.


The ideal hiking dresses are constructed of lightweight yet breathable materials that dry quickly and provide flexibility so hikers can explore the outdoors while feeling confident and comfortable.

Choosing a hiking dress involves considering your body type and terrain carefully. A dress that is too tight may cause chafing, while one that is too loose could get caught on branches or bushes during your hike. Furthermore, make sure the fabric you select wicks moisture away quickly while being moisture-wicking and odor-resistant for best results.

Hiking dresses are constructed from performance fabrics explicitly designed for trail use. Providing ample airflow to keep you cool and dry, hiking dresses are comfortable to wear alone or combined with a hiking bra. In addition, hiking dresses make it easy to slip on and off when necessary for peeing or handwashing and make an excellent option when backpacking or camping on multi-day hikes; many hiking dresses even include built-in shorts to protect against rough terrain or hot conditions.


When purchasing a hiking dress, be sure to select one with an ideal length for you and your needs. Shorter dresses tend to work best when hiking in rugged environments, while longer ones can provide better coverage on more moderate trails. Also, ensure the dress fits comfortably without feeling restrictive.

Some hiking dresses include sleeves to protect you from the sun and repel bugs, with options ranging from full-length, three-quarter, or short sleeves, depending on your preference. In addition, specific hiking dresses feature built-in shorts or skorts, which may prevent an embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moment and protect the inner thighs from chafing.

PrAna Skypath Dress is an ideal hiking dress made of polyester and spandex with an adjustable elastic waist to allow cinching for more tailored fitting. Additionally, its water-repellent coating and UPF 50 sun protection make this lightweight yet comfortable garment UV protectant. Besides these benefits, its built-in shelf bra and pockets add even greater functionality to this versatile piece.


Hiking dresses are made from lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials like spandex to keep moisture away while remaining breathable – ideal for hiking as they allow free movement across the trail without feeling constrained as pants and shorts can.

Some dress styles offer pockets to hold extra accessories or supplies when traveling on a trail, which is helpful if items slip out when moving quickly or stopping suddenly. You can secure these zippered pockets so nothing falls out during movement or sudden stops.

Are you searching for an eco-friendly dress perfect for outdoor adventures? Consider the REI Active Pursuits Training Dress. Featuring soft, light, and durable recycled “bluesign” fabric, its outer two pockets can easily store phones or keys while its inner pocket offers space for earbuds or lip balm. Suitable for hiking, running, and casual outings alike – available in five colors from cassia bark to fjord with eight sizes from SX to 3XL!


Sleeves in hiking dresses are designed to allow wearers to move freely while remaining calm and dry. Made of lightweight, quick-drying materials that wick away moisture quickly from your body and keep you cool and dry – plus being eco-friendly materials means more eco-conscious hiking!

Hiking dresses come with either short or long-sleeve options to accommodate different temperatures and weather conditions. A shorter sleeve hiking dress is suitable for warm conditions to protect skin against sunburn and insects, while longer sleeves make this outfit perfect for more relaxed environments.

Hiking dresses with removable sun sleeves are an ideal choice for summer adventures, offering the convenience of quickly transitioning a sleeveless dress into a long-sleeve hiking shirt in seconds. Crafted from eco-conscious “bluesign” fabric that is water resistant and breathable – ideal for hiking in hot, humid conditions – removable sun sleeves also work perfectly when combined with female Urination Devices (FUDs).