Google Business Intelligence Certificate


Business intelligence professionals organize, interpret, and report data to inform decision-making for organizations. This course equips participants with the skills necessary to take their careers in this fast-growing sector to the next level.

Discover hands-on projects using BigQuery, SQL, and Tableau in less than two months by spending only 10 hours each week learning.


The Google Business Intelligence Certificate is an advanced three-course certification designed for data professionals looking to expand their skillset within Business Intelligence or prepare themselves for employment as an Analyst or Engineer in this area. It teaches participants how to use tools and processes associated with Business Intelligence tools and methods. It offers courses covering areas like Big Data Analysis or Machine Learning and Project Management techniques for working effectively within an Organization.

This self-paced program taught by Google professionals typically takes two months if studied 10 hours each week for two months. Topics covered in this course include data visualization, database design and dashboarding, hands-on labs, case studies, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Acquiring your Google Business Intelligence Certificate is easy and affordable. The program can be found online and offers a seven-day free trial before billing begins; subscription cancellation can occur at any time once it ends.

Google Business Intelligence certificate offers numerous advantages, from developing in-demand skills to becoming part of an academic community. Furthermore, this program will assist newcomers looking for their first job by giving them an edge and helping them transition seamlessly.

Google Business Intelligence Certification can also improve your resume and make you more desirable to employers, helping you land fulfilling jobs and increase salaries.

Google offers certificates in high-demand subjects like data analysis, project management, and UX design that provide a competitive edge in the workplace and an opportunity to earn one or more certificates. These courses can help boost your career while giving you an additional credential!

This online course for novices in business intelligence provides an ideal foundational education. It teaches how to analyze data and generate reports using Tableau, all while being led by instructors with years of experience in the field. Lessons are easy to grasp while the content is practical and relevant – all at an affordable and self-paced price tag! Additionally, your instructor will offer resources to aid your job search journey.

Data Modeling

The Google Business Intelligence Certificate is an online certification course that takes only two months to complete, providing comprehensive instruction in data modeling, visualization, and dashboarding. Ideal for individuals already experienced with data analytics who wish to expand into senior positions. A great addition to any portfolio and an effective way of distinguishing themselves among job applicants!

This course comprises three modules; the first covers fundamentals of BI with Tableau as an analysis tool and creating visualizations; while SQL can be used to transform and model data in another course; finally, building business intelligence reports and dashboards is covered during its final period.

Your training will also teach you how to transform data and visualize it for specific stakeholders, using Tableau’s visualization tools such as graphs and charts, custom functions and filters, reports shared among colleagues as well as mobile device access for dashboards and descriptions so you can work from anywhere at any time.

Understanding the context of your data and its usage by stakeholders within your organization is vital for creating more impactful visualizations and uncovering patterns or trends you might have missed.

The Google Business Intelligence Certificate is an excellent way to sharpen your data visualization, dashboarding, and reporting skills. You will gain all of the tools required for career success as an analyst or engineer with business intelligence; additionally, it allows you to apply these abilities directly to real-world problems – not to mention it is widely recognized by employers, boosting career prospects – you can enroll at any time; plus it is entirely free!

Data Visualization

Google has long been at the forefront of career certificates, offering certificates in data analytics, digital marketing, ecommerce, IT support, project management, and more. Their latest offering – Business Intelligence Professional Certificate – promises to impart in-demand advanced skills for this high-growth field in just three courses. Learners will gain hands-on experience using various tools and technologies during certification – plus, it’s much shorter than some of Google’s other certs, making it more manageable for busy professionals.

The Business Intelligence Professional Certificate begins with an introductory course examining business intelligence and its operation. You will gain a solid grounding in the field by learning to analyze data and provide insight to decision-makers. Furthermore, this course introduces vital data visualization concepts and techniques, including using Tableau as a popular business intelligence tool.

After you complete the first course, the second will expand upon your business intelligence knowledge by showing you how to create and convert data models into visual representations of information. You will learn which visualization is suitable for representing each piece of data and customizing each visualization to suit individual stakeholders’ needs. You will also be introduced to SQL programming language for extracting and analyzing data.

This third and final course in the Business Intelligence Professional Certificate series will teach you to design dashboards and reports that will empower managers to make informed decisions. Building upon existing data analysis skills using tools like BigQuery, SQL, and Tableau, you will learn to visualize complex data sets more accessible for managers to comprehend. You will also complete an exemplar project as part of this course that you can add to your portfolio.

Dashboarding and Reporting

Google’s new professional certificate offers students in-demand data analytics skills such as modeling, visualization, and dashboarding. Completion is estimated to take two months. It offers individuals looking to break into business intelligence an excellent option to start on the right foot. It is also an ideal addition for those already with degrees in data analytics.

The Google Business Intelligence Certificate course begins by introducing learners to its fundamental concepts and tools of business intelligence. They will learn to utilize data analysis tools, such as visualization tools, for more informed decisions regarding organizational operations. Furthermore, this course includes practical exercises that enable students to apply their knowledge directly in real-life scenarios.

Course two of the certificate covers more technical aspects of business intelligence. Students will learn to extract data from various sources, use SQL analysis for data manipulation, and deploy visualizations in multiple formats. Furthermore, this course covers data cleaning – removing incorrect, duplicate, or incomplete records from a dataset – from their dataset.

This final course in the Google Business Intelligence Certificate series explores using dashboards to communicate business insights to stakeholders. Learners will become acquainted with various types of dashboards available and how to build them using Tableau software; additionally, interactive visualizations and reports based on stakeholder requests will be covered in depth.

Overall, the Google Business Intelligence Certificate is an ideal starting point for those interested in data analytics. Shorter than many of Google’s other certifications and offering both theoretical and practical skills development, its cost totaling $98, covers three courses with some included as part of a Coursera Plus subscription; alternatively, you can still enroll without one if desired.