Give Your Skin a Salon-Like Glow With This Fruit Facial Kit


Give your skin the glow of a salon with this fruit facial kit from Berry Essentials! Packed with cleansers and scrubs designed to exfoliate, remove impurities, and nourish skin gently, plus an anti-tan pack that lightens blemishes and sun tans – give your complexion salon-quality skin.

This facial kit utilizes the beauty benefits of dry fruits to provide gentle skin care, rejuvenating its natural radiance and providing nourishment from within. Furthermore, this facial kit evens out skin tone for an enhanced youthful complexion.

Gemblue Biocare Fruit Facial Kit

The Gemblue Biocare Fruit Facial Kit is a cleansing exfoliant designed to eliminate blackheads, impurities, and dull, dead cells and prevent clogged pores while protecting natural oils in the skin. Packed with antioxidant-rich orange peel extracts that contain vitamins essential for keeping your complexion supple and radiant, this facial kit will lighten freckles or spots while decreasing pigmentation for a blemish-free complexion. A perfect home solution for a salon self-care experience at any time – made with the goodness of fruit extracts to even skin tone while eliminating dust, dirt, and impurities from skin tone before.

NutriGlow Fruit Facial Kit

This facial kit contains natural ingredients like coconut, orange, and papaya for maximum results. Packed with vitamins to reduce tanning and dark spots while providing essential hydration for dry skin, this paraben- and sulfate-free kit includes cleansers, scrubbers, face packs, and massage creams suitable for all skin types.

VLCC’s Papaya Fruit Facial Kit is a five-step routine to give your skin an added glow and fresh look. The cleanser and scrub work to effectively rid yourself of dirt, dust, impurities, and dead cells, while the mask pack helps brighten skin tone while the whitening cream creates smooth results – plus, there’s also an additional rose water toner to provide extra hydration!

Nutriglow offers an AHA Fruit Facial Kit, which contains fruit-derived alpha hydroxyl acid that gently cleanses away impurities, leaving skin soft and smooth. Furthermore, this product also improves appearance while clearing away marks or blemishes – an invaluable solution for those concerned with pollution exposure and UV radiation’s negative impact on the skin.

The Florican Fruit Facial Kit features a face wash, scrubber, gel, and massage cream to address pollution’s effect on the skin effectively. It includes a cleanser to rid yourself of dirt and oil build-up effectively; scrubbers can get rid of blackheads and whiteheads; face packs even out your skin tone while massage cream soothes and reduces wrinkles, and sandalwood oil in its massage cream can reduce dark circles and blemishes. Suitable for all skin types and ideal as part of a pollution mitigation strategy plan! This kit can help!

Nature’s Essence Fruit Facial Kit

Nature’s Essence’s Facial Kit combines face wash, scrub, mask, and moisturizer, using all-natural ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. Lemon, pineapple, and orange fruit sponges help remove dirt and impurities, while the Saffron Face Massage Cream keeps skin nourished and healthy.

Face wash removes deep-seated dirt particles and impurities to help prevent acne and blackheads, while scrub and mask contain vitaminized fruits for an exquisite glow. Finally, face cream reduces tan, uneven skin tone, and dark spots while keeping your skin soft and supple.

The brand aspires to help enhance inner beauty by providing transformative, trustworthy skincare and haircare solutions made up of natural ingredients combined with cutting-edge science for products that truly work. Nature’s Essence Fruit Facial Kit is the ideal way to achieve salon-worthy results at home. Included with each kit is a De-Tan Therapy wipe-off mask that works to both delay and reverse suntan effects. The kit also comes complete with an apple pack and orange scrub and pack to help improve skin texture, firmness, and elasticity. Additionally, its Brightening Diamond variant contains zircon ash and lactic acid to lighten and brighten skin while evening out complexion visibly. Ideal for both oily and dry skin types alike, as well as treating signs of aging, tanning, or pigmentation, this facial kit can easily be purchased online and is an essential piece for anyone who aspires to look their absolute best!

Lord’s Cares Fruit Facial Kit

Containing exotic fruit extracts that restore the natural glow to your skin, this deep cleansing mask contains Vitamins that deep cleanse your pores to reduce dark spots, imprints, blotchiness, and pigmentation while simultaneously improving skin tone and creating more youthful complexions. The 6-step facial kit hydrates and nourishes skin to give porcelain-smooth results for all skin types. Accelerating cell renewal with its fast-acting ingredients gives an instant glow – ideal for all complexions! Step 1: Fruit Face Cleanser: Apply on the face and neck using small circular strokes in an upward and outward direction for two minutes before wiping off with moist cotton. Step 2: Fruit Face Scrub: Spread scrub all over the face using light upward and external movements until evenly applied over five minutes, wiping off after use with a moist cotton pad.