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Gervonta “Tank” Davis always wears his robe and trunks with pride when entering the ring, so this vintage tee is an ideal way to show your support.

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Vintage 90’s T-shirt

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Free Tank Shirt

If you love boxing, this free tank shirt would make the ideal addition to your wardrobe. Crafted from soft yet breathable and durable cotton fabric, its classic color blends seamlessly into any ensemble – it would also make an excellent present!

Gervonta “Tank” Davis has become one of the premier fighters in three-division world championships, known for his entertaining fighting style that uses both aggressiveness and strategy to keep opponents off balance and never lose control. Additionally, his keen observational skill enables him to pinpoint opponent weaknesses quickly and exploit them.

Tank defeated Mario Barrios in Atlanta, GA, to claim his third belt and remain undefeated. His impressive ring look included a silky purple and green Human Made robe and trunks coupled with Nike Skunk Dunk shoes inspired by their famed original release date of 1989.

Gervonta’s unique ring style has become an integral component of his brand and earned him massive support from fans around the globe. He often pays homage to iconic boxers with his outfit choices; recently, during his fight against Luis Garcia, he donned a shirt designed by Dries Van Noten along with shorts from their eponymous denim label and a pair of Nike boxing boots inspired by Kobe 6 Protro Grinch shoes – something only Dries could pull off!

Tank is the beloved American athlete who is well known for his tremendous skills in the ring as well as his captivating personality, which has drawn millions of viewers. His strong character and fierce determination have cemented a connection between himself and his fans that made him one of the most beloved American athletes – serving as an inspirational example for anyone striving to succeed in life.

Gervonta “Tank” Davis Tee

Are You a Gervonta Davis Fan, or do Love Boxing? This stylish shirt from premium materials makes the ideal addition to your wardrobe, featuring bold designs celebrating his incredible skills as an up-and-comer! Perfect for gym training sessions as well as casual errands. Plus, it makes a statement about who you support with its bold features!

This versatile tee comes in various sizes and styles to meet any body type. Crafted from unique jersey material with low thread count for maximum softness against your skin. Plus, its classic crew neck and short sleeves create a flattering silhouette – ideal for jeans or chino shorts alike – making this piece suitable for numerous events and occasions.

Gervonta Davis won his latest fight on Saturday, defeating Mario Barrios to retain his WBA (Regular) super lightweight title at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Davis put Barrios down twice during an action-packed eighth round and forced an emphatic stoppage of their bout – celebrating this win by wearing the “Free Casanova” T-Shirt featuring Brooklyn rapper Caswell Senior, better known as Casanova on it.

Gervonta’s tee is an effective way to demonstrate your support and unleash your inner fighter, so don’t wait – order yours now to show the world your unwavering dedication!

Official Gervonta “Tank” Davis Shirt

The official Gervonta “Tank” Davis shirt is perfect for any fan of this rising boxing star, made of premium materials with an attractive design highlighting Tank’s fearless spirit in the ring. Now available at KnotVintage, this t-shirt can help show your support for one incredible fighter!

Gervonta Davis collaborated on designing this Tank Collection shirt alongside the three-division world champion as part of his Tank Collection. It features his signature gorilla logo patch and an adjustable hood for optimal comfort, along with ribbed cuffs and waistband, classic BOXRAW detailing neck plate, metal drawstring ends, patent kangaroo pouch, and embroidered sleeve logos for extra functionality.

The shirt makes a beautiful addition to any wardrobe and can be worn with jeans, chinos, or sweatpants for a stylish yet comfortable look. Available for both men’s and women’s sizes and made in the United States for worldwide delivery – making it the ideal gift or treat! It makes an excellent present or keepsake!