GameStop (GME) Shareholder Meeting


If you are a GameStop shareholder, then you need to pay attention to the next shareholder meeting scheduled for this Wednesday, August 9. The meeting will take place at 11:00 am EDT. In this article, you’ll learn more about Stockholder proposals, Voting procedures, and Non-employee director compensation. In addition, you’ll learn how to participate in the meeting and stay informed about its proceedings.

GameStop shareholders will meet at 11:00 am EDT on Wednesday, August 9

GameStop is set to hold its quarterly shareholder meeting at 11:00 am EDT on Wednesday, August 9. The company has been in the news for its strategic capital raising efforts over the past year and has raised equity at various points. This year, the company is expected to focus on a stock-split proposal and a 2022 Incentive Plan. However, this is not necessarily the case.

The stock split plan will result in 8 million shares of common stock. Shareholders must approve it for GameStop to keep its current management team. The board has strongly advocated for the stockholder’s approval of the new plan. Investors should consider that stock splits in dividend form are typically short-term rally catalysts that add little value to a company’s fundamentals.

In its last earnings call, GameStop reported $703 million in cash and liquidity, including $413 million under a revolving line of credit. Its liquidity estimates were $1 billion at the end of the third quarter, while its free cash flow was only $100 million. In addition, GameStop’s market cap is currently around $300 million. If the company can turn around its financial situation, it may be worth buying shares of GameStop.

GameStop’s chairman, Mike Cohen, has not yet responded to a request for comment. He did, however, disclose his ownership in the company. Shareholders can vote by telephone. The company offers proxy voting by phone or through the internet. Follow the easy instructions on the enclosed proxy card. Electronic voting should help ensure that shareholders receive their proxy votes in time. The deadline for voting is September 9 at 11:00 am EDT.

Stockholder proposals will be accepted.

A shareholder proposal will be accepted if GameStop meets certain criteria. This will include:

GameStop has been raising capital in recent years. The previous CEO, George Sherman, enjoyed various perks, including a sizable cash-based compensation. Furlong, however, accepted the role knowing that the performance compensation for his tenure would be in the form of stock awards. GameStop shares rallied during the spring and summer of 2021. That rally has since faded, as the market drove its earnings results in Q1 2021. In August, shares tumbled 40%.

Despite GameStop’s stock split plan, shareholders will still need to approve it if it wants to keep the current management team. While the new plan may require a majority vote from stockholders, it is important to remember that splits in dividend form are not necessarily good for company fundamentals and are often short-term rally catalysts that don’t add value. Instead, they create investor euphoria and fail to improve a company’s fundamentals.

Interestingly, GameStop shareholders aren’t selling their shares. They’re calling in their shares to vote. Short sellers would need 14 million shares to achieve this goal, so it’s unlikely they will sell any of their shares at the current price. Moreover, there is no evidence of short selling at GameStop’s current valuation. And, in any event, there is little to worry about, as the proposals have the support of the company’s largest shareholders.

Voting procedures

GameStop (GME) will hold its annual shareholder meeting on June 3rd, 2022, where shareholders will vote on key ideas. The company’s stock has increased by 55% in the last year, and the meeting came right amid earnings announcements. Shareholders will vote on six directors to join the board, approve the appointment of an audit committee, and address other matters proposed by shareholders.

There are several ways to vote at the Gamestop shareholder meeting, including in person or via proxy. Shareholders can vote by mail, telephone, or Internet. It is important to complete and return your proxy card to ensure your vote is counted. Make sure to vote for all of the shares that you own. The company will have an electronic voting system to make it easier for shareholders to participate in the meeting. There are also online options for shareholders who are not in attendance.

Non-employee director compensation

The table below details the amount of Non-Employee Director Compensation paid to the current Board of Directors. It also includes the ownership of Common Stock by the Principal Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer, and other highly compensated executives. This table covers the entire period from January 1, 2019, to October 19, 2020. All directors, executive officers, and other key personnel are listed by title.

The non-employee directors receive their Director Compensation in the form of Restricted Stock Units, representing contractual rights to purchase AutoZone common stock. They may also elect to receive a fixed percentage of their Annual Retainer in cash, paid in quarterly installments. For the calendar year 2019, directors were eligible to elect to receive a fixed percentage of the Retainer in cash. The stock units are issued on January 1 of each year.