Four Tips to Protect Your Rights After Sustaining Injuries in a Truck Accident in Ontario


If you sustained injuries in a truck accident, you want to prioritize your recovery. Your injuries might be serious, so you get ongoing medical care and rehab. While you go through this process, you may not think about insurance matters. However, the insurance company that will handle your claim will want to protect its bottom line. Because of this, they may force you to resolve your claim quickly for less than it’s worth. When you get a call from a representative from the insurance company, you must protect your rights. This is possible by contacting a truck accident attorney Ontario who will serve as your advocate. Also, you should consider the tips below:

Avoid Speaking with a Claims Adjuster

While you may need to report the truck accident to your insurance provider, it’s not your obligation to speak with a claims adjuster they assigned to your claim. If you are being contacted by an adjuster, just refuse to answer any questions. Instead, tell them to ask questions to your attorney.

Avoid Making a Recorded Statement

Insurance adjusters will ask you to give a statement on the truck accident. The adjuster may record their interactions with you and use this against your claim later. A trucking company’s attorney will scrutinize your statement for errors and inconsistencies to make you responsible for the crash. This information will be used against you, so the company can deny your claim or make a lowball settlement offer.

Avoid Signing a Medical Release Form

The insurance adjuster may ask you to authorize the release of your medical records to them through a signed medical release form. They may try to convince you that they will just review the records associated with your truck accident injuries. Unfortunately, the adjuster and the insurance company’s attorney will dig into your medical records to discover information such as a previous injury or a pre-existing condition they can use to reduce the payout.

Your truck accident attorney will review your records as they build your claim. If you get an authorization request from a claims adjuster, consult your attorney first to know how to best proceed.

Avoid Admitting Fault

Insurance adjusters will communicate with you after you file a claim against an insurance company. They will ask you for information about the crash but you must be cautious of what to say. Just tell them basic information to avoid saying something that indicates an admission of fault. Never apologize for what happened or give an opinion on the truck accident.

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