Flaunt Your Fashion Reviews


Join Yasmin, Cloe, and Jade as they pursue fashion! Embark upon adventures to prestigious locales like Barcelona and Seoul with them. Complete quests and report back for magazine coverage to unlock fashionable outfits! Set stylish trends while seeing your social presence increase!

Bratz dolls were recently relaunched, featuring more diverse dolls than Barbie and targeted toward preteen girls, leading many parents to feel that these toys promoted sexually explicit behaviors.


Play as one of the four Bratz pack members – Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, or Sasha – on their globe-trotting fashion adventure! Complete quests, make friends, play exciting minigames, and report for one of the most excellent magazines around while earning money and style points to purchase new clothes and accessories at fashion stores throughout each city before customizing them to showcase your individuality and become a trendsetter as your social following expands!

Bratz is an accessible and enjoyable game for young players, thanks to its straightforward gameplay and quest structure. Older gamers also enjoy hunting down hidden chests and photo ops!

Bratz girls may not be as engaging as characters like Rock Angelz or Forever Diamondz, but they do their job adequately. Their constant conversation between themselves and interviewees may become tiresome over time; fetch quests in each city can also become tiresome – usually consisting of finding items scattered throughout a town before returning them to an NPC for money, style points or mini-games.

The game’s art design is bright and cheerful, which is perfect for its target audience. Character models may be large and clunky but still manage to look good; its soundtrack is upbeat and energetic to keep the mood lively; however, its fixed camera hinders open-world aspirations by making it challenging to locate some of its hidden purple chests.

The Stylin’ Soiree is a disappointing finale of the game. Though it does feature new styles from the Girls Nite Outline, it lacks significant fashion events seen in previous titles. Also, it repeats fashion lines from earlier titles such as Rock Angelz, Welcome to Fabulous, and Princess. Unfortunately, its failure was an opportunity missed – something which would have set this game apart from others of its genre and left no room for Tweevils or Burdine from previous titles in the franchise to appear.


Bratz is a game where players complete minigames and low-stakes missions for a fabulous fashion magazine. Players take control of Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, or Sasha’s characters as they travel around cities such as Stilesville, Barcelona, or Seoul, interviewing fashionable people while meeting goals associated with stereotypically feminine ideals.

Graphics in Bratz were done well, with the Bratz girls looking as adorable as ever with their large heads and fish lips. Unfortunately, their clothing choices and lifestyles felt outdated, acting like stereotypical high school girls in ways that would cause outrage from adult women today. Despite this, children and young adults love this franchise and its related games.

Some years back, Bratz underwent a dramatic relaunch that tried to appeal to soccer moms with its more innocent, kid-friendly aesthetic – this did not sit well with longstanding adult fans and caused much controversy within their communities. Still, popularity remained strong thanks to partnerships with Revolution Beauty and GCDS brands.

Bratz brand also caught teens’ imagination with its line of rock-inspired dolls called ‘Rock Angelz’ and its limited edition series with rapper Drake in 2015. Although their 2015 relaunch was initially met with success, the company experienced difficulty maintaining its edgy look over time; therefore, in 2019, Bratz was relaunched with a more modern, child-friendly aesthetic and met even greater success than its previous iterations.

Bratz dolls have recently undergone a significant makeover and feature more mature features, leading them to rely heavily on digital effects to create their characters. Unfortunately, some fans have reported that their facial expressions do not accurately depict the emotions and body language of symbols in Bratz’s relaunch. Furthermore, older fans dislike that many older fans do not prefer the new dolls featuring more pronounced eyes that some find unattractive; also, often, their makeup looks unnatural, like spray paint! Yet, the brand has still seen tremendous popularity among teens through its successful relaunch! Nevertheless, with teens enjoying these new lines of dolls, it seems that Bratz has found renewed success among teens again!


The Bratz dolls are a fantastic group of teenage girls who prioritize fashion and friendship – an appealing alternative to Barbie! In this movie, these young ladies embark on an international journey full of fun and adventure while exploring issues like friendship, family life, and romance that often plague young adults today. Each character in this multi-ethnic and wholesome story doesn’t use profanities – making the experience accessible even to children under 10.

The film’s plot revolves around Bratz magazine, as Jade is working towards starting her teen publication after losing her internship at Your Thing magazine. This allows them to travel the globe, try their music skills, and even form their band! However, Meredith attempts to undermine them at every step by blackmailing Yasmin into ruining Cloe’s talent show by revealing a shocking family secret about Cloe that eventually results in much histrionics, anguish, and an unreal climax!

Criticism of the film includes its heavy reliance on pop culture and trends, with girls trying on the latest fashions at every opportunity – this could be disorienting for older viewers who may feel nostalgic for similar styles they once saw years earlier; however, since it relaunch is relatively recent, it should take this approach naturally.

This is the second time Bratz has been relaunched since their initial relaunch in 2001, which met with mixed reception. Their second attempt in 2010 fared much better, yet it has still not achieved full brand revival. This relaunch aims to give their dolls more of a teen appeal and target younger audiences.

Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion is an enjoyable reintroduction to beloved dolls, featuring poor graphics and an unremarkable plotline. However, its recent relaunch has taken the brand in an intriguingly feminist direction that still emphasizes femininity and friendship; plus, there are several worthwhile minigames and beautiful locations!


Bratz dolls may be best known among tweens and teens, but their clothing styles have also impacted fashion trends among Gen Z kids as young as four. Trends include rhinestone-embellished mini dresses with clashing prints or platforms, small bags with fuzzy accessories, or even woolly accessories worn by influencers such as Olivia Rodrigo have all been inspired by Bratz fashions.

This game boasts a straightforward quest structure and charming art design to appeal to the brand’s target audience. It remains an enjoyable game for young players, even with minor technical glitches.

Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion is unique among mobile games in that it features nonlinear quests to enhance the experience, unlike most linear storylines. However, it fails to demonstrate augmented reality technology because players don’t have the option to interact with any in-game elements; for instance, they cannot click a Bratz’s clothing item to see more detailed information or access their social media pages.

Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion’s quests center around retrieving items, which appear as small icons on a map when the player hovers their mouse over it. A push is given when players are close enough to complete a fetch quest, and an icon flashes on screen when completed – in addition to gathering fashion pieces and meeting people as part of progressing through the game.

Now in high school, Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, and Sasha must fight over who should lead their clique. In competition is Meredith, an aggressive and divisive mean girl who attempts to keep them apart by blackmailing them into staying out of a talent show competition and threatening one of their families’ secrets to divide and conquer. Conflict arises, histrionics ensue, and unexpected twists happen!

Bratz: Flaunt Your Style has some issues with story and character development. The Stylin’ Soiree feels anticlimactic and fails to offer a satisfying conclusion. Furthermore, visual glitches and unattractive textures plague some scenes, and characters’ faces appear pixelated – not ideal.