Final Fantasy XIV Flower Boucage


Flower Boucage is an attractive tabletop craft from Square Enix that adds color and character to any dwelling. One of many new items in the game, it enables players to personalize their homes more fully.

Players who have reached level 90 of Alchemist can craft this item, with its recipe automatically learned at that level and found under Housing in their Crafting Log.

How to get the Flower Boucage in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV offers plenty of opportunities for home decoration. Players often go the extra mile designing the ideal dwelling, and Square Enix keeps adding new ways to display it. A popular method is tabletop plants and flowers; one popular technique is adding tabletop flowers such as tabletop plants & Boucage (an exquisite display that adds elegance and class to any desk or coffee table), but how do you acquire this item?

To craft the Flower Boucage, first level up Alchemist Discipline of the Hand to level 90 and access your crafting log for the Housing category. When this has been accomplished, the recipe will appear under the Housing category crafting log for easy reference. However, this item requires additional items as well.

Flower Boucages can be purchased on the Market Board for 500 gil. If you don’t have this amount available, try trading it with another player who possesses Alchemy at level 90 (such as your friend) or searching Auction House listings at low prices – though this method could prove riskier due to not knowing who exactly the seller is!

How to Craft the Flower Boucage

Flower Boucages can be created using alchemy. To craft one, players must have reached level 90 in their Alchemist profession; their recipe will automatically be learned and found under Alchemist in their crafting log under Housing as soon as they do this step. No need to worry about creating it at high quality, as housing items cannot be produced at higher quality levels.

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How to get the Flower Boucage housing item

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Creating this item will require leveling your Alchemist Discipline of the Hand job up to level 90 and learning the Flower Boucage recipe – once this happens, it can be found under Housing subcategories in the Alchemist Log. There is no need to worry about creating high-quality housing items, as this cannot happen in Final Fantasy XIV.

If you don’t have the resources or time necessary to craft an item yourself, finding someone else with crafting skills to purchase it from and selling it through the Market Board could be your quickest route to obtaining this item; although, it will likely come at a higher cost than crafting yourself.

Where to get the Flower Boucage

Flower Boucages are unique housing items available for purchase from the Market Board using Aetheryte or handmade by leveling their Alchemist Discipline of Hand job up to level 90; once this has been accomplished, its recipe can be found within your crafting log under Alchemist. If this option does not suit your needs, other players can sell this item on the Market Board at a price.

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