Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report


Fashion Report offers players a fast way to accumulate MGP. Held weekly between Friday and Tuesday in the Manderville Gold Saucer, Fashion Report’s themed competitions can provide rapid MGP accumulation. Players may participate in this activity up to four times every week until new themes emerge.


Final Fantasy XIV offers something for everyone – gambling, racing giant boss monsters, or fishing expeditions are just some of the activities available in its world. One lesser-known activity worth checking out is Fashion Report in Gold Saucer; players create outfits based on themes to earn rewards for their efforts!

Fashion Report challenges players to create outfits based on each week’s theme and hints before presenting them for Masked Rose’s consideration and scoring it out of four attempts. Rewards for participating range from 10,000 MGP to 50,000 MGP for achieving high, which can then be exchanged for unique items at Kasumi’s Boutique.

Every week a new theme is chosen for Fashion Report, making it difficult to find clothing that perfectly encapsulates it. Players can increase their chances of scoring by using dyes to match the theme; doing so may earn up to two bonus points, and using matching colors in slots will earn two additional ones; adding matching hues will only increase scores even further!

Accumulating MGP requires hard work and research. Thankfully, numerous resources can assist players in quickly reaching 80 and higher on the Fashion Report – Kaiyoko Star being one of them; she provides detailed instructions through Discord channel and Twitter.

The Fashion Report is an optional activity in the Gold Saucer that offers players an additional MGP reward. To take part, players must have completed the It Could Happen to You quest and met Masked Rose at its entrance; Masked Rose will announce its weekly theme each Tuesday; judging will commence each Friday.


Final Fantasy XIV allows its players to participate in Fashion Report, a Gold Saucer mini-game that puts glamour to work. Every Tuesday and Friday, the theme and clues for creating outfits that can earn MGP rewards are announced and presented four times before judges assess them; those scoring 80 or higher may earn the one-time Fashion Leader title!

Even though clues can be helpful, finding exactly which pieces to combine to score highly can be challenging. Thankfully, the FF14 community can assist: Kaiyoko Star has provided a guide on how to earn 100 points every time; her guide includes items she uses for every week’s challenge and will be continually updated as each week passes.

Start early each week when taking on challenges since as more players discover which items they need, prices for some may skyrocket on the market board. By starting early, you may be able to nab gear before its price skyrockets.

Before presenting your outfit for judging, it’s also essential that all gear slots are filled. Even one void can lower your score significantly, thus, keeping some extra gear handy so that any gaps can be supplied as necessary.

Consider, too, that clues only cover specific gear slots – you could achieve a high score if your dye colors and gear match perfectly with those required for the hints.

Fashion Report offers generous rewards, with 80 points earning you 60,000 MGP and 100 earning you Fashion Leader status – that’s quite a return on your investment, considering many items required are relatively inexpensive to acquire!


Fashion Report in Final Fantasy XIV is an easy and fun way to earn MGP weekly and show off your style! Head to the Gold Saucer and speak with Masked Rose (X:7.2, Y:7.4) – she will assign a theme every week that requires you to put together an outfit matching it!

Every Fashion Report features a specific theme announced each Tuesday at 1 AM PDT/4 AM EDT/9 AM BST. Players have until Friday each week to present a fashion ensemble, and four attempts are allowed; judges score outfits on a scale from one to 100; those scoring 80 or above will earn bonus MGP rewards.

If you need assistance creating an appealing fashion, numerous online resources can help. Wiki and Reddit provide lists of all the gear necessary for each fashion theme – useful when matching it to theme colors; plus, they outline which dyes maximize point payouts.

Remember that fashion report judges the gear used by your character based solely on its appearance rather than quality. Therefore, your selection must contain details such as their race and sex (i.e., buy from Bango Zango for Limsa Lominsa, which has this) along with any written references (e.g., your character’s name written on it).

To participate in Final Fantasy XIV’s Fashion Report, it is necessary to reach level 15 and unlock Gold Saucer by completing Lewena’s side quest, Passion for Fashion. Once opened, Masked Rose will give you a weekly challenge regarding Fashion Report requirements – usually related to “addressing theme elegantly.” You must possess all gear and dyes required to complete fashion designs; so prepare to spend a lot of time in Gold Saucer!


The Fashion Report in Final Fantasy XIV is an unparalleled fashion experience that challenges players’ sense of fashion each week. To take part, players must create an outfit each week that conforms to Masked Rose’s theme at Ul’dah’s Gold Saucer and take her hints for scoring at least 80 points each time, and 100 or more points yields buckets of MGP and an exclusive title award!

The process is generally straightforward, although there are a few requirements you should keep in mind to maximize your score each week. Aside from selecting an outfit that complies with the theme and Masked Rose’s hints, players must also ensure every gear slot (other than off-hand ones) contains appropriate items – something Reddit user Kaiyoko Star can assist with through her weekly visual guides.

Once an ensemble has been assembled, players can bring it to Masked Rose for evaluation at the Gold Saucer and assess their style on a scale from one to one hundred. The best looks will receive Manderville Gold Saucer points which can then be spent in Kasumi’s shop; rewards increase each week that players participate in Fashion Report!

Players can begin participating in the Fashion Report as soon as they reach level 15 and unlock the Gold Saucer by speaking to Lewena in Ul’dah and getting her directions for Masked Rose, located at X:7.2 Y:7.4. They can submit updates as often as desired for maximum score accumulation – each submission earns them 10,000 MGP as an incentive bonus, with 80 or higher scores unlocking an exclusive Fashion Leader title! Furthermore, MGP from participation can be spent purchasing other glamour items from Kasumi’s shop.