Everything About Nigeria


Nigeria should not be overlooked on travel bucket lists – this thriving West African nation offers something unique for visitors to explore. From diverse cultures to natural wonders, Nigeria offers something spectacular for everyone. The Interesting Info about naijauncut.

Nigeria faces numerous challenges yet holds great promise as an emerging global power. Home to the most vibrant arts, music, and food scenes.

Natural landmarks

Nigeria boasts an abundance of stunning natural landmarks. From sun-kissed beaches and waterfalls to mountains and vast plateaus, Nigeria is a beautiful country with unique sights to see and explore.

Nigeria will genuinely amaze you. From Abuja’s sprawling sprawl to Lagos, with 17.5 million people and Atlantic beaches tucked between, this enormous and diverse country offers something to everyone.

Zuma Rock stands proudly west of Abuja as an iconic monolith that towers 725 meters. Featured in many books and films, Zuma Rock stands peacefully on guard.


Nigeria is home to an abundant array of wildlife. Its tropical rainforests shelter leopards, elephants, baboons, and gorillas.

Cross River National Park allows visitors to spot rare species of monkeys. Afi Mountains, Mbe Mountains, and Okwangwo Division in Cross River National Park provide perfect locations to see these apes.

Poachers pose an immediate threat to these animals. Over the past decade, Nigerian law has changed to make killing or selling wild animals illegal.


Nigerians have long used art for various purposes; dance, sculpture, and other forms of expression, such as poetry, have all been employed to teach or evoke certain spiritual feelings or beliefs.

Modern traditions are becoming less bound to specific purposes, and more universal, and many Nigerian artists are experimenting with different styles that reflect their cultural identities.

Famous Nigerian artists include Fela Kuti, who pioneered Afrobeat music; King Sunny Ade, whose unique juju style incorporates multiple guitars with vocals and drums; and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who enjoys immense popularity both within Nigeria and internationally.


Nigerian food is full of flavor, packed with nutrients, and hearty meals to please even the heartiest appetites. From delicious breakfast options to filling dinner dishes, Nigeria has something deliciously satisfying for every palate!

Egusi soup is an easy, one-pot meal consisting of ground cassava flour (egusi), palm oil, onions, hot peppers, locust beans (iru), African crayfish, stockfish, and any meat or seafood – and can often be found as part of a traditional African meal.

Afang soup is an iconic Nigerian dish of afang leaves, water leaves, dried fish, beef, and palm oil.

Puff puff is a traditional fried dough snack prepared with yeast or baking powder, flour, sugar, butter, and salt – and then often rolled in sugar before being served to the diner.


Music is essential in Nigerian life and culture, and jazz, highlife, juju, afrobeat, and reggae are among the most beloved genres here.

Nigerian traditional music involves using an array of instruments – some indigenous while others imported from Africa and Europe – both native and imported devices, most frequently the obo (a thirteen-stringed zither), use (slit drum), xylophones, and flutes.

Nigerian music employs several other instruments, including the djembe, ukulele, and kora. In addition, children often sing Nigerian folk songs with call-and-response patterns that feature archaic language – typically after dinner at the end of each day!


Nigeria offers excellent shopping opportunities, from clothing and home goods to souvenirs. There are also plenty of markets where visitors can stock up.

Apart from local stores, a range of international online shopping malls also ships products directly to Nigeria at reasonable prices – Aliexpress, Amazon, and Gearbest are available for delivery.

These global shopping sites are safe, provide a diverse selection of items and provide exceptional customer support, in addition to offering attractive discounts and promos that make them attractive options for online shoppers.

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