Everdale – A New Supercell Mobile Game


If you love mobile games, you’re probably already familiar with Supercell, the Finnish company behind Clash of Clans and Brawl Stars. Their next game, Everdale, is a peaceful building game focused on friendship and cooperation. While similar to other mobile building games, Everdale offers a few unique differences. Here’s what you need to know about this new title. It’s the most recent in Supercell’s series of mobile games.

Clash Quest

In April, Supercell announced three new games for their popular match-3 genre. Clash Quest is one of them, and it’s now live in soft launch in six countries. It is an action-packed game with turn-based tactical battles. It features boss characters, giant variations of familiar tribes, and various opposition characters. It looks similar to Clash Heroes and Empires & Puzzles but also features a ‘turn-based’ gameplay mode in which players set formations and deploy spells. Inferno Towers and X-Bows can be used to inflict massive damage on your enemy, so you’ll have to be careful not to lose too much of your precious troops.

Despite the many positives, Clash Quest is one of the least anticipated of the three new Clash games. While it’s extremely polished, it’s still far from hitting its ambitious KPIs. Despite this, Supercell has stated that this is part of their strategy to release early and improve the game. This will help them stay focused on their next game while validating the new game’s scalability and avoiding mistakes they made with the first two games.

After collecting seventy stars in Clash Quest, players will be able to unlock the League feature. The League mode allows players to participate in 7-day battle seasons against other players. Their success in each battle will determine their League Tiers. The game also has an endless Game Mode where players attempt to beat multiple stages in a row. In addition to unlocking new characters, players will also unlock extra units in the Draft. The downside is that there’s a small chance they might introduce some gachas in the future.

The Clash Quest update includes bug fixes, balance changes, and new features. In addition, the Combat Value has decreased from 4200 to 2000, and the number of Daily Dungeon attempts has been reduced from ten to six in Region 1.

Clash Mini

While Clash Royale topped the charts for the first two weeks, it has subsequently faded in popularity. The game is missing some key features from the core game, such as auto chess. Additionally, it will follow the Trophy Road model, which has led to frequent content resets in other SC games. However, it will also go through a lengthy soft launch, so it may not immediately become a billion-dollar game.

Recently, Supercell announced that three new titles are in development. Clash Mini is a strategic board game within the world of the CoC game. Players will collect miniatures, position them on the board, and then watch them battle. In an update for players, the developer also mentioned future content and how it will continue to improve the everyday experience. However, the release date of Clash Quest and Clash Heroes has not yet been released.

Another aspect of Clash Mini worth keeping an eye on is its early-game cyclical structure. This means the game starts in the endgame but sustains it with a season-based inventory reset. Clash Mini also introduces the permanent Trophy Road and the temporary Season Road. This structure makes keeping the game balanced and a single-season game easier while allowing players to make more strategic decisions.

In addition to the strategy-driven gameplay, Clash Mini is also notable for its mind-bending elements. Players must strategically place their champions and use the special boards to gain a strategic advantage. In addition, players must manage the resources and place their units to make the most out of the match. Ultimately, they should become the last one standing and win! Many aspects make a great strategy game a successful one, and Clash Mini is no exception.

In Clash Mini, players have the option to play ranked matches. While the purpose is not to earn trophies, these ranked matches allow players to test out new Heroes and decks without fear of getting penalized. In contrast, Clash Royale penalized players who tried out new decks. Moreover, Clash Mini allows players to unlock new Heroes by collecting fragments. The game is relatively easy to learn, but the complexity of the game makes it a challenge to master.

Clash Heroes

Since its soft launch, Clash Heroes has received several updates introducing new bosses, troops, and features. New characters such as Bomb Miners and the Clan system have also been added. The game has both casual and serious modes of play, and it will allow players to choose the type of gameplay that best suits their preferences. However, Clash fans will be happy to know that there will be many options for players to personalize their characters.

The recently closed alpha test for Clash Heroes has given Supercell great insight into the game’s gameplay. This feedback has helped develop the game’s new features and improvements. It’s not clear when the game will begin an open beta, but it’s likely to happen in the coming weeks. Supercell also discussed the new additions that have been made to Clash Quest since the soft launch, including new troops and enemies.

With the development of the game’s engine in Unreal, Clash Heroes has a similar look and feel to its predecessors. It has co-op and single-player options and features a mixture of regular and power attacks. The team behind Supercell is a large one, with studios in San Francisco, Shanghai, and Helsinki. This means they have the best resources to create the best possible game experience for players.

Supercell has done exceptionally well in mobile gaming, and the company’s latest announcements indicate that it will expand its fantasy universe into three new titles. The aim is to provide a fresh experience for existing fans and to expand the audience for its games. This means that the company is planning to release three new games in the Clash series. In addition to expanding its fantasy universe, Supercell is developing three new games in the Clash series, including Clash Royale.

In addition to the new Clash titles, Supercell has three more in the works. The latest video from Supercell’s team has addressed player concerns and answered players’ questions. The team also discussed the potential for future content and how the current game is being adjusted to the new ones. Although the new games are not yet available, they can sign up to receive updates on when they’ll be available in your country. If you’d like to know when the games will be released, you can sign up for the beta version.


After a long hiatus, Supercell is back with Everdale, a free-to-play world-building game. The game is similar to the more sedate farming game Hay Day but with a more modern twist. The game offers real-time cooperative play and a peaceful world without war or loss. While it’s available in a handful of countries, it’s available in Canada, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Nordic nations.

Everdale is a team-based village-building game with social interaction and community. Players can customize their villagers and train them to learn new skills. They can even engage in adventures with a colorful cast of characters. Everdale is designed to be fun to play with friends and family. And the game’s cooperative aspects allow players to upgrade their villages without worrying about being invaded or attacked. The game’s community-oriented nature makes it ideal for players looking for a relaxing way to kill time.

Supercell recently announced that it was launching a worldwide beta test for Everdale. After the release of Brawl Stars in 2017, Supercell has been busy making games for their fans. Everdale is the first game from the company since that time. If Everdale lives up to expectations, it is bound to be a hit. The developer also said it has three more games in development and plans to launch each soon.

While the game’s economy is based on micromanagement, players can also improve the efficiency of their production pipelines using smart task assignments. Players can also arrange their buildings to make the transport of resources faster. While Everdale focuses more on micromanagement than strategy, the game does not have a strong incentive system. Players who don’t build their buildings correctly only extend their play sessions.

Everdale has a unique concept, which is unlike many other mobile games. It places players in a small valley where they can craft and trade. The game has been launched in the UK, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and the Nordic countries, but the game is not available in all territories yet. The game is free to play but requires an internet connection. There are also some restrictions on playing the game, including using third-party APKs.