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Epoxy flake floors make an elegant addition to any space, be it a garage or home. Available in various colors and textures that complement any decor perfectly, epoxy flake floors add beauty and value. Best way to find the Epoxy Flooring Detroit.

Keep these essential tips in mind: Ensure that you use an appropriate cleaning solution, such as a non-acidic one that won’t erode epoxy floors; acidic solutions can degrade it over time and lead to uneven floors.


Epoxy flake floors provide an innovative flooring option that seamlessly combines dependability with eye-catching design, making a striking statement in homes, garages, and showrooms across America. This revolutionary model of floor coverage has proven itself time after time – turning functional spaces such as homes, garages, or galleries into stunning yet beautiful environments that serve a dual purpose of function and beauty.

Epoxy flake floors boast decorative vinyl flakes that create an eye-catching, multicolored effect when spread over high-quality epoxy, making a durable yet beautiful coating of protection that stands up well over time. Their diverse color combinations and aesthetic options give homeowners a chance to express themselves while adding dimension and dimension to any room’s decor.

Epoxy flake floors feature smooth, non-porous surfaces that make them simple to sweep and mop, as well as resist stains and spills, so routine cleaning should usually suffice in keeping these floors looking like new. Their low maintenance requirements make these ideal flooring solutions for families with busy lives who require both reliability and convenience in their flooring solution.

Though flake epoxy flooring is increasingly becoming the flooring choice of choice for homes, its versatility also makes it a top choice in commercial settings like airports. Airports use flake epoxy flooring because it features a distinctive appearance that resembles terrazzo. Furthermore, flake epoxy provides a sturdy walking surface suitable for rolling luggage while offering a safe walking surface that makes an airport an excellent place for this kind of flooring installation.

Car showrooms often use flake epoxy floors to draw attention to their cars on display and ensure durability when faced with frequent cart rolls, an essential consideration in galleries selling furniture or appliances.

Be sure to ask an epoxy floor company about their experience and reputation when hiring them to install your flake floor. A reliable company should have portfolios or references of past work they have completed, as well as warranties and maintenance recommendations for you to review.

Epoxy flake floors can make an excellent addition to any room in your home when installed correctly, providing both durability and beauty as a centerpiece for family life. They’re tough enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic while adding flair and beauty to their decor.


Epoxy flake floors provide unparalleled durability, impact resistance, and lifespan expansion compared to other forms of flooring. Ideal for areas that experience heavy traffic or have high load-bearing requirements. Epoxy flake flooring can be found anywhere from homes and offices to warehouses – and won’t peel, chip, or peel over time! They can even be resealed for increased lifespan.

Flake epoxy coating solutions add a decorative element, available in a wide array of colors. Commonly known as vinyl chips or epoxy color flakes, these flakes offer an ideal way to give concrete floors in homes, businesses, and garages an eye-catching appearance and improved functionality. Crafted using resin materials, organic minerals, and additives that act as pigment and strengthen an epoxy coating solution’s protection properties, custom blended mixes can also be produced to fit in seamlessly with any decor or color scheme.

Epoxy flake floors provide another significant advantage: concealing imperfections in concrete surfaces like cracks, spalls, and patchwork that would otherwise be visible through their plain concrete counterpart. When appropriately applied by experts, complete broadcasts of epoxy flakes will cover these imperfections to give it a terrazzo-like finish and further disguise any flaws in your floor surface.

An epoxy flake floor is hard-wearing and easy to keep clean, making it the ideal choice for busy households or commercial settings. Regular sweeping and damp mopping should keep it looking its best; its UV resistance means no discoloration or yellowing over time; window treatments or UV protective paint applied close to windows nearing the flooring will further decrease exposure and fade appearance.

Installing an epoxy flake floor requires specialist knowledge and experience, so selecting a flooring specialist who knows this process well will guarantee an expert installation. Once completed, allow it to fully cure for several days before permitting foot or vehicle traffic on it.

If you are considering installing an epoxy flake floor in your home or business, contact Leggari Products immediately for more information on our services and the advantages of this beautiful yet durable form of flooring. Our professionals specialize in installing epoxy flake floors and will assist in selecting an aesthetically pleasing color combination and set of flakes suitable to meet your requirements.


If you’re considering installing an epoxy flake floor in your garage, keep in mind that this flooring option offers great flexibility. From concrete to plywood surfaces, epoxy flake floors provide robust and long-term coverage without cracking or peeling, making them perfect for high-traffic spaces such as garages.

Decorative epoxy color chips or flakes are colorful paint aggregates designed to add visual interest and an artistic touch to resin-based floor systems. Available in multiple sizes and hues, decorative epoxy chips/flakes are easily blended for an individualized look that complements any decor in any room of the home or business. Plus, decorative epoxy flakes provide an effective means of covering up minor imperfections such as trowel lines or air bubbles on concrete floors!

Flooring companies typically offer an assortment of different colored flakes for customers to select from, with black or gray being among the more popular choices, but other colors, such as blue, yellow, red, and green, are also available. This allows you to find a floor that perfectly complements any area in your home, such as a garage.

Epoxy flake floors offer many benefits that make cleaning easy, such as being resistant to stains, scratches, and scuffs – making maintenance much more straightforward than with other forms of flooring. They’ll also last long before needing replacement.

Epoxy floors tend to be much more durable than other flooring materials, such as carpet. Plus, they’re resistant to bacterial growth and can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals – all hallmarks of quality flooring options that make epoxy an attractive option for restaurants and commercial properties alike.

If your concrete floor is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s essential to act quickly to repair it. Delaying repairs could increase costs over time and make repairs more complex; to prevent this scenario from unfolding further, hire a professional who can restore both its beauty and strength with epoxy coatings.


Maintenance of epoxy flake floors is critical to their beauty, durability, and functionality. In general, cleaning should take place once every month with a non-caustic pH-neutral cleaner to avoid etching its surface. However, depending on its use – for instance, an automotive shop could use degreaser spray instead to reduce oil build-up- heavy foot traffic areas might benefit from adding mats or rugs as weight distribution to help avoid cracking or scratching its coating surface.

Spills must be addressed immediately, with staff trained in using absorbent materials such as sawdust or cat litter to absorb any chemical spills. Oil and grease stains on epoxy surfaces should also be regularly swept to remove sludge and grit; wine or food spills must also be quickly cleared away to ensure both staff members and customers remain safe in an uncontaminated environment. A healthy environment is critical to staff members as well as customers alike.

Mopping epoxy floors requires using an approved, non-caustic cleaning solution and warm or hot water, with a rigid foam mop rather than a string mop recommended to avoid permanent streak marks on the surface. A squeegee can also come in handy to quickly clear away dried spills and puddles on your floor surface.

Resealing your floor every few years is also recommended to restore its look and protect it against potential damage and wear and tear.

Epoxy flooring offers an appealing, durable solution for commercial or industrial floors. Available in many colors and finishes, its maintenance requires regular cleaning to remain looking its best. If you’re considering upgrading your base, consult with a specialist regarding their various epoxy options so as to find one best suited to your needs – epoxy can increase productivity while protecting employees as well as saving you money over time through reduced repair and replacement costs.

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