Emergency Roof Repair Near Me in Hollywood, Florida


Roofs play an essential role in protecting commercial properties – from small cafes on the boulevard to sprawling office complexes downtown – to their integrity. An indestructible roof prevents water damage that could cause anything from minor stains to complete wall collapse, thus maintaining their structural integrity. Get the Best information about modernize green solutions.

Hollywood Roofing Specialists provide repair and maintenance services for commercial properties, in addition to offering metal and flat roofing solutions.

El Mago’s Roofing

El Mago’s Roofing provides residential and commercial properties with comprehensive roofing services for repair, installation, inspections, maintenance, inspection services, and more. Their technicians specialize in fixing leaky roofs, flashings, and gutters as well as installing new ones; in addition, they conduct inspections and offer preventative maintenance programs using materials like concrete tile and metal roofing materials.

Hollywood, Florida-based Roof Pro serves customers in Hollywood. Their experienced contractors specialize in installing shingle, metal, and flat roofs for both homes and businesses; are licensed and insured; provide waterproofing cleaning and restoration; boast competitive rates with customer service to match; offer free estimates and use quality materials certified to perform repairs/replacements as required.

Matrix Roofing

This company specializes in residential and commercial roof re-roofing services. Their technicians can install various types of roofing materials – such as shingle, metal, and tile roofs – while also repairing leaks or providing other necessary fixes such as leak repair. Furthermore, the team offers related services such as roof coating and pressure washing for added peace of mind.

Matrix Roofing’s patent-pending, science-based insulation system can help homeowners reduce energy costs and avoid mold growth. Their sheathing panels feature precision built-in plywood furring strips spaced 16 inches apart for quick connections, making this an easy choice for homeowners who wish to save energy costs and prevent mold growth. Plus, its capacity to withstand 130 and 300 MPH winds makes this an extremely safe option!

C.A.R.E. Construction

Roofs are essential elements of any building. A poorly functioning or damaged one can have far-reaching repercussions, from interior damage to wall collapse. While it may not always be possible to avoid roof-related problems entirely, regular inspection and maintenance may help.

The City provides numerous resources to assist homeowners in maintaining and improving their homes, such as the Hollywood Connect app. This new service enables residents to report non-emergency issues directly to the City via mobile device, as well as pay building fees online using this convenient service – helping streamline processes and save time!

Hurricane Heroes Roofing

If your roof has sustained damage, you must contact a Hollywood roofing professional as quickly as possible. A leak or damaged roof can cause significant structural damage and is also a potential health hazard for both yourself and your family.

Kairos Roofing of Hollywood, Florida, provides residential and commercial roofing services with expert contractors specialized in installation, repair, and replacement using premium products such as 3D shingles with strength-enhancing attributes and synthetical underlayments like Shark Skin for strength and insulation.

They also specialize in installing impact-resistant windows and doors, which help minimize U.V. sunlight penetration as well as energy bills, with a license from the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board.

Pioneer Roofing Company

The company provides roofing services, including re-roofing, new construction, coating, waterproofing, roof cleaning, inspections and evaluations, maintenance, and skylights. Its products include shingles, tile, concrete and clay tiles, and metal. It also offers gutter installation, repair, and cleaning. Founded in 1976, the company employs approximately 150 people. Its employees are required to undergo background checks and drug testing.

Horrible co. They used contractors and didn’t even put down paper in one area, causing a leak, which resulted in damage to the home. They don’t stand behind their work and are extremely expensive. Stay away!

Star Group Inc.

Roof issues can be an enormous nuisance for any home or business in Florida, leading to leaks that damage walls and furniture as well as mildew and mold growth. That is why it is vitally important that you find a quality repair service nearby like Star Group Inc., who offer emergency services for both residential and commercial properties due to hurricanes or natural disasters such as tornadoes; flat and shingle roof repair/maintenance services, as well as gutter installation/repair in Hollywood as well as nearby areas, are provided by this team of experts.

They serve clients throughout Florida such as Hollywood as well as neighboring areas like Hollywood and their staff also install gutters/windows during repairs/maintenance services so clients in Hollywood/nearby areas can trust Star Group Inc for service provision of emergency response and restoration for emergencies caused by hurricanes or natural disasters; Star Group provides emergency repair/maintenance services to commercial properties as well as flat/shingle maintenance/maintenance/initenance service with its staff install gutters/window installation services while its staff can assess damage from hurricanes/other natural disasters with installations/repair services providing emergency damage assessments/repair services with repairs/maintenance for flat/shingle roof repair/maintenance services offered for flat/shingle/ shingle/ w o en adjacent w areas where necessary; these emergency services/star Group provides emergency repairs/maintenance services/ repairs for flat/shingle roof repair/maintenance services with repair/ repair/maintenance service/installation service offered repair for flat/shingle maintenance/ repair service/ repair as needed as well. Star Group serves clients from Hollywood/hurricane-related damages caused / damages repairs to assess and repairs/maintenance for flat/ shingle/ windows installations/ shingle maintenance/ replacement as well as gutter/window installation etc. as needed/window install gutter/window installations/ windows/ repair etc. in Florida provide emergency//install gutter/ windows installations// Window installations and serves clients that serve Hollywood/etc. are provided/and any/window or window/windows etc /re/installation services from local shingle roof repair/ etc in Hollywood/etc!.

Nast Roofing Company

Nast Roofing Company provides both residential and commercial roofing services. Their contractors specialize in installing shingle, tile, and metal roofs that meet local weather requirements, as well as conducting roof repair work. Their clients include homeowners, businesses, and municipal structures.

Nast Roofing Company responded quickly after Hurricane Irma to her roof repair inquiry, billing her for air conditioning ductwork that she had yet to request and charging for an unneeded leaky chimney vent, though they never actually existed on her home. After speaking with Florida state government representatives, this contractor agreed to return money due to the breach in their license.

Rainbow Roofing Solutions

Pegasus Construction & Roofing in Hollywood is a veteran-owned and operated roofing business offering both residential and commercial clients roof installation, repair, and waterproofing services to seal cracks in smooth surfaces, as well as waterproofing to seal cracks to prevent leaks in slippery surfaces. Their technicians specialize in roofing solutions made of tile, shingle, and metal roofs for luxury homes, municipal buildings, and resorts, in addition to providing waterproofing solutions against leakage in seamless surfaces.

Rootop Tech Inc. provides installation and maintenance of residential and commercial roofing systems in Hollywood. Their team of professional repairers specialize in the repair and installation of Boral and G.A.F. materials such as shingle shingles, tile roofs, flat roofing materials, and metal roofs; additionally, they also offer roof inspection, analysis, and re-roofing services as well as post-hurricane roofing emergencies.

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