Dream Trips Reviews – Is Dream Trips a Pyramid Scheme?


DreamTrips is an MLM company that offers a lifestyle membership and generous compensation plan. However, the company’s compensation plan has some major flaws. This pyramid-structure business model is very hard to break. You will never be able to earn as much as you want in this company unless you enrol in their price-matching program. In this Dream Trips review, you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a member.

DreamTrips is an MLM

If you have ever considered starting a discount travel business, you may wonder if DreamTrips is an MLM or a pyramid scheme. Pyramid structures are often difficult to start and run, but this MLM company has a reputation for delivering great deals on travel. Founded in 2005 in Texas, WorldVentures has expanded to 34 countries with over half a million members. It’s a pyramid scheme whose main goal is to sign as many people as possible. While you may not be interested in a pyramid structure, you can still take advantage of the subscription rates and the ability to travel more than you otherwise could.

DreamTrips is a scam. It promises its members a free trip or other benefits in exchange for promoting their business. The phoney Dreamtrips members use Instagram to make their claims. They post photos of themselves as “travelpreneurs” and promise discounts. DreamTrips memberships can cost up to $250 or $50/month. However, you do not get to use these discounts right away.

DreamTrips offers its affiliates some incentives to join. First, they earn a 50% Direct Commission on membership purchases, which can be a significant bonus. Second, affiliates who recruit affiliates can earn up to $2,500 per month in residual commissions. Affiliates who recruit at least four DreamTrips members earn a 50% bonus. The bonus is paid out once they reach 1.5 sales credits on both sides of a binary team.

In addition to offering membership to a discount travel company, DreamTrips is an MLM. Instead of selling a product, you sell a service or membership. And if you sell to more than one person, you earn a commission on each sale. But you need to ask yourself, is DreamTrips an MLM or a pyramid scheme? There are many things to consider before joining a multi-level marketing company.

DreamTrips offers discount travel packages that are both affordable and fun. Memberships also come with free transportation, upgraded accommodations, and fun excursions. Plus, you can earn up to 100 points from every referral. The cost of joining a DreamTrips MLM is $1045-$1959, but it is well worth it if you can afford to travel for free every month. You can earn more points by enrolling your friends and family in the company.

It offers a lifestyle membership.

Among other benefits, Dream Trips offers a lifestyle membership. As a member, you’ll be able to use the lifestyle membership to save money on travel and get discounts. You can also earn Frequent flier miles or travel points while travelling. You can save even more money on travel by just eating out and doing your usual grocery shopping. If you’re interested in more travel discounts, you can join Dream Trips’ health insurance program. The company offers a free app called Teladoc that can call in your prescriptions and provide follow-up care.

DreamTrips is a privately held company in Plano, Texas, that provides members access to various travel-related products and services. The company describes itself as an elite travel club that creates a unique travel experience for its members. In addition to access to discounts and specially curated experiences, the company also offers a travel app and wholesale travel rates for four and 5-star destinations. For more information, visit dreamtrips.com.

As a travel club, WorldVentures offers members access to exclusive discounts on travel and luxurious world-class vacations. A DreamTrips membership ensures big savings, fantastic holidays with friends, and the chance to make some extra cash while on vacation. The company was founded by Wayne Nugent and Dan Stammen, two entrepreneur-turned-multi-level-marketing (MLM) industry veterans. DreamTrips is a travel club, but many users find it hard to believe it is a dream. Several WorldVentures employees have complained that they do not make much money with the lifestyle club, but the program has many satisfied members.

If you’re looking for a new lifestyle business opportunity, consider DreamTrips International. The company offers four membership levels, three distinct opportunity packages and curated international and domestic DreamTrips. The business is growing quickly, and DreamTrips has taken advantage of this momentum by expanding its benefits. Members can enjoy the industry-leading private booking engine and exclusive access to over 1,300 airport lounges. You’ll also enjoy access to RV share inventories, which offer unique vacation opportunities.

It has a generous compensation plan.

The compensation plan for DreamTrips is very generous. If you successfully sell three higher-end packages within 28 days, you’ll earn $100. If you sell more than three, you’ll earn $150. You can also earn $50 for selling lower-cost packages. Here are some benefits if you’re considering trying this business opportunity. First, the compensation plan is very flexible. You can earn commissions on the sales you make through your referrals.

Secondly, you’ll receive a generous compensation plan for selling World Ventures products. You’ll be awarded DreamTrip points in exchange for World Ventures products in the affiliate program. World Ventures compensation plan does have a cap on the number of points you can earn. Make sure you’re comfortable with the products and the support system before signing up for the program. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an expensive start-up cost.

It has a pyramid structure.

You may be wondering whether Dream Trips has a pyramid structure. These companies advertise dream trips to exotic locations. Their promotional materials feature sales representatives in tropical locations, promoting the company as an easy way to make money. They may seem like the fast track to a lucrative life, but Dream Trips is a multi-level marketing network. Unlike pyramid schemes, WorldVentures sells real products. Considering joining this company, you should be aware of its pyramid structure.

In DreamTrips, affiliates earn sales commissions through retail sales and recruitment commissions. Affiliates earn commissions on each retail sale made by their downlines. DreamTrips pays out residual commissions via a binary compensation structure. The first level of the binary team contains two positions, with the second level housing double the positions as the previous level. The second level contains three positions, with each match requiring two sales credits from downline affiliates.