Dragonflight Cooking Trainer Guide


Cooking trainers are non-main professional NPCs who provide instruction in Cooking skill development. As this does not conflict with the primary professions and can be learned by any class or race, cooking training NPCs provide invaluable skills training services Have the Best information about entrenamiento de cocina.

Cooking trainers can often be found in significant cities; ask the city guard where to locate one.


Cooking can be advanced through creating food. This may involve learning recipes from a cooking trainer or gathering ingredients found within the game – like meat, which can be collected either by killing particular creatures, purchasing it from vendors, or sometimes auctioning houses.

Recipes for cooking can be found throughout the world, usually through Cooking suppliers (found in every major city), although certain are only accessible via quests—for instance, Spice Bread can be obtained either through cooking at the Cooking Trainer for Alliance players, from Andrew Hilbert in Silverpine Forest for Horde players, or from Drac Roughcut in Loch Modan for Alliance players.

Cooking in Season of Discovery works similarly to vanilla and classic WoW: You can learn Apprentice (1-75) or Journeyman (75-85) cooking from any major city cooking trainer. For Alliance players, this means Stormwind, Ironforge, or Darnassus, while for Horde players, it could be Orgrimmar Thunder Bluff Undercity and more.

To level beyond Apprentice, acquiring a Cookbook will be necessary. These books can be purchased from faction-specific vendors—for Alliance players, this would be Shandrina in Mystral Lake Ashenvale, while Wulan of Shadowprey Village Desolace sells Horde cookbooks.


Be it to perfect your cooking skills or create new family meals; there are countless recipes in the game waiting to be discovered and cooked up. Learn new dishes through your faction cooking trainer, world drops, quest rewards, or some vendors; these can then be created by clicking them on your cooking hotbar open (the default key bind for this is P&Gt ;).

WoW recipes primarily focus on creating consumables such as food and drink for its players, including healing items that provide health restoration or buffs. These items are indispensable components of both PvE content and PvP play.

Some recipes are only accessible to one faction, either as the result of a faction-align quest reward or due to being sold at vendors located mainly within that faction’s areas. There are a few exceptions; Kendor Kabonka in Dustwallow Marsh sells some World Drop recipes as well as those available only from faction-align questing; furthermore, some recipes, such as Dragonbreath Chili, provide endgame content or provide bizarre effects such as increasing Spirit by five for 30 minutes!


Cooking is the sole secondary crafting profession in Dragonflight that does not utilize its new quality system yet still provides essential consumables such as food to restore health and mana or provide temporary stat bonuses.

To craft delicious dishes, you need a recipe, ingredients, and a heat source. Cooking trainers in capital cities and some minor cities provide recipes. The most common ingredient is meat from beasts and fish roaming Azeroth. Water and spices can be purchased from trade goods vendors. You’ll also require an incinerator, campfire stove, or cauldron as a heat source.

Once you’ve learned some essential recipes like Spice Bread, such as visiting a cooking supplier, you can provide additional recipes at a nominal cost. Extra supplies, including simple wood and Flint and Tinder, may also be purchased from General Goods vendors.

If you want to learn Apprentice Cooking during the Burning Crusade, visit any major city and speak with a guard about where their cooking instructor can be found; they should put a red flag on your map with their location.


Cooks are an ideal class for players who enjoy Azeroth’s culinary aspects, as you can access recipes by meeting certain levels. Once at an appropriate level for any recipe, your cooking trainer can teach it at their chosen location – capital cities typically feature them. Ask any city guard for directions to this professional training venue so that it will appear on your map as quickly as possible! Apprentice-level cooking lessons can also be found there.

Once you reach the Journeyman cooking skill level, you get Grand Master status. Speaking to different trainers will allow for more significant expansion to reach this final step of your culinary journey. Outland or Northrend may also have cooking trainers available to assist in this regard.

Cooking trainers need both a high school diploma and teaching experience, with many employers preferring two years of supervisory experience with cooking instruction. Duties typically include providing training on food preparation techniques as well as developing programs and materials for staff training programs; this role usually is full-time on-call with occasional travel required. Physical demands may include being exposed to cooking fumes and airborne particles, and their work environment tends to be fast-paced, loud, and requires standing most of the time.